Sandrine Thibault, senior planner for the Burlington Dept of Planning and Zoning, will present Form Based Code and explain what kind of growth it will permit (and encourage) in the North End. Today we have three growth centers known as Neighborhood Activity Centers -- at the shopping center and Thayer Commons, at Mobil Short Stop and Franklin Square, and around Burlington College. Growth Centers allow only high density, i.e. require multiple stories, prohibit single family homes.  Form based code will replace the current zoning rules regarding permitted uses.

We will also take a closer look at the Growth Summary that the North Avenue Corridor Study bases traffic projections on. To manage demand, we have to project what the demand will be 15-30 years into the future. CCRPC determines this based on rates of growth in the past. It  does not take into consideration, among other things, zoning changes and families moving to the North End from central city that has more and more transient and sudsidized housing, less owner-occupied housing. Young families are finding the North End ideal. At the same time, the trend today is to move closer to cities to enjoy the amenities and cut transportation costs which are rising..

The CCRPC travel demand model assumes that growth in occupied housing units will continue at a rate comparable to the historic average since 1990.  By 2035, it projects, an additional 848 housing units are expected in the study area.  The central area in the corridor (a Neighborhood Activity Center) will have the biggest household growth by 2035 while the northern subarea will have minimal growth.

The fatal flaw:  the CCRPC model assumes no zoning changes, no change in transit options, and no employment growth (measured by jobs) within the study area. All of these assumptions can be overcome with strategic planning and investment.

Decisions we make today -- about zoning codes, about transit options along the North Avenue Corridor, and about investment in low impact

 economic development -- will create our future. We will get what we plan for. No one with a lick of sense or imagination plans the future based on the past any more. In The Art of the Deal, Trump says he learns from the past, but plans for the future by focusing exclusively on the present.

The present in the North End is affordable housing; Burlington College; potential to double occupancy in every single family home with accessory apartments; growing home-based employment; opportunity to bike and walk to schools, shopping and services to decrease dependency on cars and reduce transportation costs. The major transportation options barrier is safety. Planning for Rounds, safe pedestrian crossings on a traffic calmed avenue, separated cycle-tracks, and increased public transit along the North Avenue Corridor will be game changers.

7:05 BUSINESS – nominations to the NPA steering committee – Jeffrey Peterson
7:10 Speak Up/Speak Out
7:20 Reports from Appointed and Elected Officials – Open forum discussion
8:00 PROGRAM: Plan BTV, form based code presentation – how this zoning change will impact growth in the North End.
8:50 Wrap Up
9:00 Adjourn