May 28 NPA 

~WELCOME Burlington College. We invite students to be part of the steering committee, and highlight ways BC enriches the North End. "Major conflagrations often start with one tiny spark, and Burlington College is counting on it. Their logo, a spark, is meant to ignite a lifetime of civic engagement."  Burlington Free Press, May 18, 2014.
~Sandy Baird will tell us about The Institute for Civic Engagement, and how students can earn credit working on neighborhood projects and helping to plan monthly Neighborhood Planning Assembly meetings.
~Sam Barrett will present her North Avenue Corridor Study project, and student ideas for their segment of the Avenue Corridor. The avenue as gateway to Burlington College, and importance of beautiful frontage is a goal we all share. 
~David Littlefield wants to create a community bulletin board, example of how student's contribute ideas and projects that enrich our community. 
~Coralee Holm will wrap up with more ways BC interfaces with community -- lifelong learning hub, lectures, discussions, films, events. Big Announcement: Coming to #btv this summer #WYSIWYG A Farm, Food, Music, and Arts Festival. And in the plans, a community center!


Presenting  WYSIWYG  on the scenic grounds of Burlington College. The College, overlooking Lake Champlain, is the perfect bucolic setting for a weekend to be wholly enjoyed with friends, neighbors, and family. Thanks to Burlington College, these beautiful acres have just become available to the public and we very much look forward to sharing it with you. August 23-34, 2014.


A community discussion of the proposed tax rate, the revised school budget, the condition of our school buildings and capital fund drive for new high school, the school board and management changes. School board members old and new are invited to join residents for an informed discussion in the round of issues facing our schools and the taxpayers.