North Avenue Corridor, Imagining the Future of the North End, and DPW Infrastructure

The North Avenue Corridor Study is the most important planning issue in the North End this decade. 

Why? Because TRANSPORTATION DRIVES LAND USE! The Avenue could either be the center piece of a thriving community, or divide east from west and become a dangerous fast track where it's not safe to walk, bike, or drive. We could end up with stop lights at every cross street, or a tree lined avenue with rounds and separated bike paths. Your vision of the North End will be a strong factor.

Barry Trutor and RJ LaLumiere will lead discussion about segments of The Avenue that are most challenging. Everyone will have a chance to comment, and they will take our ideas directly to the Corridor Study Advisory Committee. Go to the North Avenue Corridor blog and check out "The Corridori," a list of residents who are working together to make sure the North End gets a plan we like.Also see videos we made of Keck Circle, and collection of photos of separated bike lanes.

Rich Nadworny led an imagining session at the Miller Center, asking residents what they would do with a space like the vacant theater at the shopping center. He will share the results with us, and lead a Blurt to capture more ideas. Meanwhile, keep scouting the North End for available space to re-imagine.

Chapin Spencer will wrap up the evening with information about infrastructure in our area. He has been asked to bring the paving plan, and update us on back-flowing sewer system problems this year. New construction always worries existing homeowners, and we want Chapin to set our minds at ease.

Here's a challenge that was sent to us: How does a car/driver safely exit X Street with traffic stream coming fast from both directions, add increasing bikes, pedestrians/runners coming from both sides. Will parking be allowed? All this complicated by traffic entering stream from Y Street doing the same frantic looking north and south on North Ave, across to X Street... We will talk with Chapin about this on April 23.

April 23rd, 2014.  6:45 PM
Miller Center 130 Gosse Court
Facilitator, Jason L’Ecuyer

7:05 BUSINESS – nominations to the NPA steering committee
Amela Lulic - Ward 4
Matt Cropp - Ward 4
Robert Bristow-Johnson - Ward 7
7:10  Speak Up/Speak Out
7:20  REPORTS from Appointed and Elected Officials – Open forum discussion
         Chapin Spencer – Infrastructure  in the north end and SeeClickFix
         Rich Nadworny – Re-imagining the North End
         North Ave Corridor Study Advisory Committee Report – update on vision, options
9:00 Adjourn