January 26 is the deadline for candidates to submit petitions to place their name on the Town Meeting Ballot. There is an open invitation to all North End candidates to present their platform and answer questions from residents at the NPA, January 28, Miller Center.

Ward 4 NPA and Ward 7 NPA will meet separately with Ward Council and School Commission candidates, and will meet jointly with District Council and School Commission candidates, and Mayoral candidates.

Candidates for Council and Mayor Wednesday, Jan 28, Miller Center. Candidates for School Board, and Ballot Questions, Feb 25, Miller Center.

January 28, 2015
6:30pm - 9pm
Miller Center 130 Gosse Court
6:30 pm Meet the Candidates! Snacks and Beverages.

7:00pm Welcome [Matt Cropp]

7:05pm Residents Divide Up by Ward (Community Room and Children's Room)

7:10pm Ward Candidates for City Council Forum
          [Matt Cropp and Amela Lulic] Ward 4
          [Barry Trutor and Linda Chagnon] Ward 7

7:35pm All Residents Return to Community Room

7:40pm North District (Wards 4 and 7) Candidates for City Council Forum
8:15pm Mayoral Candidates Forum
9:00pm Adjourn

To see deadlines and candidate information, click on: Election Information

March 3, 2015 Annual City Election

Notice of Public Hearings on Proposed Charter Changes

Public Hearings concerning proposed amendments to the Burlington City Charter will be held on Friday, January 16, 2015 at 12:00 noon and Monday, January 26, 2015 at 7:00 p.m in Contois Auditorium, City Hall, Burlington, Vermont.

Table of Contents

Election Results - Results from past elections
Candidate Resources - Forms: Candidate Major Party Endorsement, Consent, and Petition; and Lists: Street Address Ranges for City Wards, City Districts, State Districts
Voter Registration Info - Search Burlington's Voter Checklist to Verify your Registration and Ward; Forms: Absentee Ballot Request, Voter Registration, and Voter Checklist Revision; Polling Place List
How to Vote - Citizen's Guide to Voting on Election Day
Election Calendar - Dates and Deadlines regarding Elections for voters, candidates, and administrators
Maps - Wards, State Districts, and Polling Places - Maps: Web and pdf (suitable for printing) maps of City Wards and Districts, State Legislative Districts, and Polling Places
Redistricting Summary - Executive Summary of the major changes to the City Charter regarding the City's Wards, City Council, School Board, Ward Officers, and transitional provisions
Board of Registration of Voters - Meetings: Agendas and Minutes
Ward Clerks and Inspectors of Election - Membership: Ward Clerks and Inspectors of Election



December 17, 7pm, Miller Center, Community Room.

Matt Cropp, and NPA past and present steering committee members Jeremy Ryan, Linda Pigeon, and Roy Colette, are putting together a panel to update the public on negotiations to preserve the unique affordable housing community at Farrington Park. Guests: Brian Pine (City Housing) and Sarah Woodward (CVOEO)

Come to learn about the challenges and to encourage the people who are stepping up to take control of their destiny. If you think that is an overstatement, come see for yourself. The property is assessed at $1.9 million, and it is for sale for $5 million. Residents, by law, have the right of first refusal. They have until Jan. 4 to notify the seller if they want to exercise it and begin negotiations to form a co-op to purchase the park or endorse purchase by a non-profit.

Refreshments will be served.
Dec. 17, 2015: The latest from residents is that they have collected 80+ signatures in support of exploring their options to purchase. S isarah Woodward of CVOEO Mobile Home Project is coordinating with residents to get their petition submitted to Rob Farrington and the Commissioner of VT Dept. of Housing and Community Development. They have until January 22nd to submit their petition. 
                                                                                          Aerial photo of Farrington Park 1962.



6:45 - Mingle and catch up

-Welcome, Ground, Rules
-Introductions/Announcements/Speak Out 
-Business, elect CDBG* reps
-Discussion of Burlington 150th Celebration - Amy Barcomb
-Board for Registration of Voters - Linda Chagnon
-Reports from elected officials.

8:00-9:00pm - Update on the Farrington Park situation, Matt Cropp.
   -Brian Pine, Assistant Director for Housing & Neighborhood Revitalization 
   -Farrington Residents, former NPA Steering Committee Members Jeremy Ryan, Linda Pidgeon, Roy Collette.

*CDBG - Community Development Block Grant Program Overview

Farrington Park residents

Neighborhood Planning Assembly


Candidates from the North End announce their intentions: Kurt Wright (R), Ward 4 Councilor; Jim Holway (D), Ward 4 Councilor; Michael Ly (R), Ward 7 Councilor;  Jason L'Euyer* (D) W7 Councilor; Tom Ayres* (D) W7 Councilor. Steve Goodkind (P), Mayor. We are proud of ALL our candidates who step forward to serve. They are first and foremost our neighbors. Note: Dem Party will endorse either L'Ecuyer or Ayres at Caucus Jan 11. The one not chosen can always run as an Independent which has happened in Ward 7 before.

Jim Holway
Kurt Wright
Michael Ly
Jason L'Ecuyer
Tom Ayres

Steve Goodkind



Williams traces missing $16.9mil. If it didn't go2 BT?? #BTV Mayor blocks audit & records release. Y? Min mark 48 ff. http://www.cctv.org/watch-tv/programs/burlington-wards-4-7-npa-meeting-53






Fred Osier and Gene Shaver
WHERE DID THE $17 MILLION GO, AND WHERE EXACTLY DID IT COME FROM? Norm Williams, Fred Osier, and Gene Shaver, North End residents, followed the money, took the case to court, and now Norm's appealing the case to the people. Norm says the numbers don't add up. "The lawsuit demands that Leopold, and/or his insurance carrier, return $16.9 million to the general fund — and that an independent agency conduct a thorough accounting of BT finances during Leopold's tenure." (BFPWhy won't City Hall follow the money? That's a question for the mayor.

Update Oct 27, 2014 - Case appealed to the VT Supreme Court. A "bridge" loan of $6 million at 7% interest by Ray Pecor III and Merchants Bnk is designed to allow the city to honor its recent court settlement with Citibank, BT's previous financier, and pave the way for the utility's sale. BT's $16.9 million debt to Burlington remains outstanding. http://wards4and7npa.blogspot.com/2010/06/why-isnt-17-million-in-public-money.html

Credit to Seven Days

WHERE IS BURLINGTON TELECOM GOING? To cover shortfalls in other city departments, taxpayers covered the $17 million siphoned from the general fund to prop up Burlington telecom, and later ponied up a $9 million stability bond to rescue the city's bond rating. The mayor promised that taxpayer support for BT would stop there, but the general fund continues to pay for the 1099 consultants who run the business. A citizen group wants to buy BT and keep it local, but the task is daunting. How long before this gig is up? Mayor coming to update the North End NPAs on Nov 19.

Mayor Weinberger

IS THE MARKET GOING SOUTH? Among 18-34 year olds, TV viewing is down to 21% and dropping. The public is ditching cable TV subscriptions and land lines. When major professional American sports start streaming, that's going to be the end of cable subscribers at the levels needed for cable TV to survive. Without the public to subsidize high tech users, will the taxpayers be willing to pick up the tab?

Be a Millennial for a Day: find VIDEO HERE

Ponder these questions and more when on Nov. 19 at 7pm residents gather at the Miller Center to hear the Burlington Telecom facts and opinions presented by defendants and plaintiffs. Having had it's day in judicial court, now the fate of BT comes to a people's court at the North End NPA.

*CANCELLED - DOWNTOWN PARKING STRATEGIES Nate Wildfire, CEDO, will explain the new parking strategies for Downtown Burlington. Where can you use your credit card? Where are 2 hrs parking free? Where can you use your Green Mountain Pass? If more housing is built downtown, and less new parking is provided, what will the consequences be? Will be rescheduled.

6-7pm - Meet with a Health Care Navigator*
6:45 Sign in, greet neighbors.
7:00 Introductions, Announcements
7:05 Residents SPEAK UP!
7:15 Reports from Elected and Appointed Officials
7:40 Norm Williams Follows the BT $17 Million
8:20 Mayor Weinberger Updates us on BT, City Finances, Starr Farm Sidewalks, whatever else you want to ask him about.
9:00 Adjourn







Wednesday, Oct 22, Miller Center, 6-7pm

Wednesday Oct 22, Miller Center Community Room, 7-9pm


6:15pm (Jim Holway) Meet the Candidates! Snacks and beverages.

6:30-6:50 (Matt Cropp) Introduce Candidates for Governor

7:00 (Jason L'Ecuyer)  Welcome, Ground Rules, Agenda, Announcements

7:05 (Residents) Speak Up/Speak Out/Any Subject

7:15 (Barry Trutor) Speed Dating with the Candidates, 8 small groups, 10 minutes each

9:00 Adjourn

Chittenden District 6.1  - VOTE FOR TWO 

Hooper (d), Ly (R), Collette (L),
Ploof (L), Cole (D), Wright (R)

Chittenden District 6.2  - VOTE FOR ONE

Jean O'Sullivan
Scot Shumski



Voting rights, Diversity and Equity, Community Engagement

Infinite Culcleasure*, Ward 2 NPA, will lead discussion on voting rights in the city. It has been proposed that all residents be invited to vote on local issues like municipal and school budgets, council and school board candidates and issues. Kesha Ram will give a brief overview of the city's Diversity and Equity Plan. Sandy Baird will offer ideas on how Burlington College Students can partner with Neighborhood Planning assemblies to strengthen community relationships.

*(Note that Infinite is also BTV Rep/Alt to Regional Planning Commission, so good time to talk with him about the North Avenue Corridor options.) 

Sept 24th, 2014
Miller Center 130 Gosse Court
Facilitator, Jason L’Ecuyer.  Meeting Planner, Amela Lulic



7:05 Recognition – Bloomenthal Award, BBQ sponsors, school board members previous and current

7:10 Residents Speak Up/Speak Out

7:20 Appointed and Elected Officials report on issues, with open discussion

7:50 Extending voting rights to all residents on local issues – Inifinite Culcleasure
8:15 City's Diversity and Equity Plan – Kesha Ram
8:35 Burlington College Community Engagement – Sandy Baird and Sam Barrett

9:00 Adjourn




 Barbeque pour tout le monde... Qof walba waa la soo dhowaynayaa...  Приглашаются все желающие... Svi su dobrodošli...  每个人都欢迎...  Όλοι είναι ευπρόσδεκτοι...  हर किसी का स्वागत है...  Tất cả mọi người chào đón... Visva sanga barabekyu.



Thanks to all who came, shared, cooked, and cleaned up! Special thanks to Scot who managed to do EVERYTHING with a child in his arms. Now that's attachment parenting! Thanks to Jason, and Matt who set up the grill; to Barry, Linda, Jeffrey, and Amela who organized the food,  and to Jim who supervised clean up. The sausages from Bessery's were fabulous as usual, Dave supplied the hot dogs (cooked to crispy perfection), rolls, and soda, and Hannafords invited us to come last minute and pick up whatever we needed -- condiments, chips, cheese, and ice! 

The warm feeling of neighborhood and community is why we do it. The local business donors, our elected officials at the grill, worthy candidates, friends from other NPAs in the city, neighbors arriving with summer salads -- all at table together in the Robert Miller Community Room. Namaste. (Hey, that's the new market on the Avenue!)


July 23, Meet the Candidates for Chittenden County Sheriff and School Board Ward 7

VIDEO click here

What does the Sheriff's Office do? VAST Safety week, NRA Instructor Course, fingerprinting, prisoner transport, traffic control -- and more. Wednesday, July 23 at the Miller Center, we will have a chance to meet the candidates for Chittenden County Sheriff and ask them questions about their qualifications for the job.

Kevin McLaughlin
Ed Cafferty

What are the demands on a School Board member today? How do we want them to represent us, and what do they expect from us in return? We will have an opportunity to discuss issues related to accountability and transparency. The "gag rule" to silence opposition is particularly troubling. Democracy thrives when all sides of an issue are discussed openly, and consensus is built collaboratively. When this process is open, the community participates.

Ward 7 Special Election  
Kevin Garrison, Linda Deliduka, Ed McMahon
(Filing deadline: Mon July 21 5pm)

WRITE-INS: Voters can write in the name of a person who is not on the ballot. Undeclared candidates can campaign for a write-in vote. To be sure your vote is counted, write the person's first and last name. You can write it on a note card and take it to the polls with you. Sometimes write-in candidates hand out their name at the polls, or have a sticker you can affix to the ballot next to the words WRITE IN.

6:30 pm  Meet the Candidates!  Light food and beverages.

AGENDA    Facilitator, Jason L'Ecuyer

7:00 (Jason L'Ecuyer) Welcome, Ground Rules. Agenda, Announcements
7:05 (Residents) Speak Up/Speak Out/Any Subject
7:15  (Rock Point) Rock Point School Presentation and short Q&A
7:35 (Jim Holway, Ward 4 Clerk) Briefing on Primary Election
7:40 (Linda Chagnon, Board of Registration of Voters) Briefing on Voter Registration
7:45 (Jason L'Ecuyer) Program I – Recognize and Briefly Introduce Candidates Not in Program II and III.  *Candidates have up to 5 minutes to speak.     
8:05 (Barry Trutor) Program II – Democratic Candidates for Chittenden County Sheriff 
 Edward Cafferty, Kevin McLaughlin
8:25 (Lea Terhune) Program III – School Board Candidates for Ward 7
Kevin Garrison, Linda Deliduka, Ed McMahon
9:00 Adjourn

Tuesday, Aug 26




Sandrine Thibault, senior planner for the Burlington Dept of Planning and Zoning, will present Form Based Code and explain what kind of growth it will permit (and encourage) in the North End. Today we have three growth centers known as Neighborhood Activity Centers -- at the shopping center and Thayer Commons, at Mobil Short Stop and Franklin Square, and around Burlington College. Growth Centers allow only high density, i.e. require multiple stories, prohibit single family homes.  Form based code will replace the current zoning rules regarding permitted uses.

We will also take a closer look at the Growth Summary that the North Avenue Corridor Study bases traffic projections on. To manage demand, we have to project what the demand will be 15-30 years into the future. CCRPC determines this based on rates of growth in the past. It  does not take into consideration, among other things, zoning changes and families moving to the North End from central city that has more and more transient and sudsidized housing, less owner-occupied housing. Young families are finding the North End ideal. At the same time, the trend today is to move closer to cities to enjoy the amenities and cut transportation costs which are rising..

The CCRPC travel demand model assumes that growth in occupied housing units will continue at a rate comparable to the historic average since 1990.  By 2035, it projects, an additional 848 housing units are expected in the study area.  The central area in the corridor (a Neighborhood Activity Center) will have the biggest household growth by 2035 while the northern subarea will have minimal growth.

The fatal flaw:  the CCRPC model assumes no zoning changes, no change in transit options, and no employment growth (measured by jobs) within the study area. All of these assumptions can be overcome with strategic planning and investment.

Decisions we make today -- about zoning codes, about transit options along the North Avenue Corridor, and about investment in low impact

 economic development -- will create our future. We will get what we plan for. No one with a lick of sense or imagination plans the future based on the past any more. In The Art of the Deal, Trump says he learns from the past, but plans for the future by focusing exclusively on the present.

The present in the North End is affordable housing; Burlington College; potential to double occupancy in every single family home with accessory apartments; growing home-based employment; opportunity to bike and walk to schools, shopping and services to decrease dependency on cars and reduce transportation costs. The major transportation options barrier is safety. Planning for Rounds, safe pedestrian crossings on a traffic calmed avenue, separated cycle-tracks, and increased public transit along the North Avenue Corridor will be game changers.

7:05 BUSINESS – nominations to the NPA steering committee – Jeffrey Peterson
7:10 Speak Up/Speak Out
7:20 Reports from Appointed and Elected Officials – Open forum discussion
8:00 PROGRAM: Plan BTV, form based code presentation – how this zoning change will impact growth in the North End.
8:50 Wrap Up
9:00 Adjourn



May 28 NPA 

~WELCOME Burlington College. We invite students to be part of the steering committee, and highlight ways BC enriches the North End. "Major conflagrations often start with one tiny spark, and Burlington College is counting on it. Their logo, a spark, is meant to ignite a lifetime of civic engagement."  Burlington Free Press, May 18, 2014.
~Sandy Baird will tell us about The Institute for Civic Engagement, and how students can earn credit working on neighborhood projects and helping to plan monthly Neighborhood Planning Assembly meetings.
~Sam Barrett will present her North Avenue Corridor Study project, and student ideas for their segment of the Avenue Corridor. The avenue as gateway to Burlington College, and importance of beautiful frontage is a goal we all share. 
~David Littlefield wants to create a community bulletin board, example of how student's contribute ideas and projects that enrich our community. 
~Coralee Holm will wrap up with more ways BC interfaces with community -- lifelong learning hub, lectures, discussions, films, events. Big Announcement: Coming to #btv this summer #WYSIWYG A Farm, Food, Music, and Arts Festival. And in the plans, a community center!


Presenting  WYSIWYG  on the scenic grounds of Burlington College. The College, overlooking Lake Champlain, is the perfect bucolic setting for a weekend to be wholly enjoyed with friends, neighbors, and family. Thanks to Burlington College, these beautiful acres have just become available to the public and we very much look forward to sharing it with you. August 23-34, 2014.


A community discussion of the proposed tax rate, the revised school budget, the condition of our school buildings and capital fund drive for new high school, the school board and management changes. School board members old and new are invited to join residents for an informed discussion in the round of issues facing our schools and the taxpayers.