JULY 22 NPA  AGENDA  ITEMS Miller Ctr, 6:45pm
  • Speak Out
  • Contaminated soil stored in Leddy Park.
  • Discussion of City issues with elected and appointed officials 
  • Public Hearing: 451 Ethan Allen Parkway proposed project
  • Reports from North Avenue Corridor Task Force and Bike/Walk Plan representatives
RESOLUTION: The Ward 4 and 7 NPAs request that the stockpiled soils be removed from Leddy Park. The NPAs recognize that additional testing must first occur before the soils can be removed. To that end, we urge in the strongest possible terms, that the BPRW, the DEC, and the EPA collaborate to ensure that the timeline for testing of the soil is significantly shortened, thus expediting the process for removal of the soil from Leddy Park as soon as possible.

*Have you seen the dirt pile? Take a tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oz879z4g-k4

*Are you informed about PCBs and how/why the dirt got dumped in Leddy Park
  • http://www.wptz.com/news/contaminated-dirt-remains-at-leddy-park/34387746
"People are pretty upset with the pile," explains Dave Hartnett, the independent city councilor representing Burlington's North District. This week, Hartnett and fellow councilor Kurt Wright (R-Ward 4) met with Bridges to press for a removal date. So far Bridges hasn't committed to one. He says more tests must be conducted on the dirt, and then he needs permission from the state Department of Environmental Conservation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on how to safely dispose of the soils.

Notice of Public Meeting Re: 451 Ethan Allen Parkway
Ward 4 & 7 Neighborhood Planning Assembly 
Date: July 22, 2015 Time of Meeting: 7:00 pm 
Location: 130 Gosse Ct, Burlington, VT 05408 (Robert E. Miller Community Center)  
Adjoining landowners are hereby notified of a public meeting before the Ward 4 & 7 Neighborhood Planning Assembly at the above time and place regarding a proposed project, located at 451 Ethan Allen Parkway, Burlington, VT 05408, that has been submitted to the Burlington Department of Planning and Zoning for approval. 
Proposed Project Information: Landowners are seeking zoning approval for a nine-unit planned residential development in three buildings on a 7.16-acre parcel of land located between 437 and 463 Ethan Allen Parkway. The complete zoning application is available for review at the Burlington Department of Planning and Zoning (149 Church Street, Burlington, VT 05401) and the law offices of Burak Anderson & Melloni, plc, (30 Main Street, Burlington, VT 05402).
Information materials will be available for review in the atrium of the Miller Center from 6:30-7pm. A preview of the project will be part of our regular agenda.
We will miss you Linda. 
Questions about North Ave Corridor Plan?
Nicole Losch, PTP
Department of Public Works
645 Pine St.
Burlington, Vermont  05401

Questions about the Bike/Walk Plan?
Lucy Gibson, P.E.
DuBois & King
28 North Main Street
Randolph, Vermont  05060

Click HERE.

Right-sizing roadways has shown few downsides after 15 years

An example of the four to three configuration


JUNE 24 Developers of stormwater and solar farm lead discussion at the North End NPA

Identity crisis over a WELCOME sign.

WELCOME to the NORTH END sign wording was nixed in favor of  a generic WELCOME TO OUR NEIGHBORHOODS sign, modeled after a sign at North St and N. Willard St. Our sign will be located at the intersection of Rt. 127, to be surrounded by a community garden. All neighborhoods are invited to add some plantings and leave a small sign identifying their area. Curious to see how many neighborhoods are active in our community.

When, who, or how did we ever get dubbed New? Ask around and let's see how many explanations we can find.

In 1973, we were North Burlington, the North End, and Northenders. What happened?


June 24th, 2015 
Miller Center 130 Gosse Court     
Facilitator, Jason L’Ecuyer



7:05 NPA Business

7:10  Reports from Appointed and Elected Officials – Open forum discussion
7:55  Pocket Park update: Ron and Lea??

8:00 North Ave Corridor update – Jason, Paul, RJ, Pat and Rich

8:15 Water Quality, Storm Water Management – Meghan Moir DPW -VIDEO https://www.burlingtonvt.gov/DPW/IntegratedWQPlan_Schedule 

8:35 Solar Farm Project Summary, Starr Farm – Frank Von Turkovich.   MAP and newspaper article - HERE 

Sign in a neighborhood is a good reminder for us all!



Help the Lake: Get your home certified BLUE(r) for free!

Hello neighbors,

I am a fellow Burlingtonian and am working with the City Stormwater Director Megan Moir to implement a grant for the BLUE(r) program, which is a project of Lake Champlain International. In a nutshell, we will evaluate your property (for free) and if you meet certain criteria (things like mowing your lawn no shorter than 3 inches), we will certify your property as Lake Friendly, or BLUE(r).

We even have a limited number of mini grants of up to $250 to hep fund projects like rain barrels, gutters or other improvements that if implemented would earn your property BLUE(r) status.

Funds and time are limited, as we are trying to meet deadlines. If you are interested in learning more about how you can help limit the impact you have on the Lake, please contact me at your earliest convenience at 318-5191, orcdrottler@gmail.com.


Chris Rottler
BLUE(r) Program Manager  

So how do you become BLUE®?

Just call or email Chris to schedule a free evaluation. The evaluation is quick and simple! By the end of the evaluation, you will know exactly what you can do to become BLUE® and do your part to clean up your waterways and waterbodies!
BLUE® is currently FREE for residents of Colchester, Winooski, Shelburne, Waterbury, and Burlington, VT, and we hope to be in more communities soon. You can even be eligible for up to $250 for property improvements that reduce water pollution. That's a free rain garden, rain barrel, downspout redirect, gutters, low-flow fixtures, and more!



May 27, 2015 Wednesday
6:45pm – 9:00pm
Miller Center 130 Gosse Court
Jason L’Ecuyer, Facilitator
Thank you, Kesha.


6:45 Meet and Greet Neighbors, Snacks and Beverages

7:00Welcome, Ground Rules, Agenda, Announcements,
Residents Roll, Steering Committee Nomination
Jason L’Ecuyer

7:05 North Avenue Task Force Update
Ward 4 and 7 Task Force Members

7:15 Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee Update
Ward 4 and 7 Committee Members

7:20 City Councilors, School Board Commissioners and City Board Members Q&A
Jason L’Ecuyer

7:50 CCTA in the New North End
Meredith Birkett, Director of Planning and Marketing

8:10 Burlington College Orphanage Building Development
Eric Farrell, Developer

8:30 City Budget FY 2016 and Housing Action Plan
Mayor Miro Weinberger  

9:00 Adjourn 

DRAFT MINUTES, submitted by Kesha Ram,CEDO



April 22, 2015  Wednesday
6:45pm – 9:00pm
Miller Center 130 Gosse Court
Jason L’Ecuyer, Facilitator


6:45 Meet and Greet Neighbors, Snacks and Beverages

7:00 Welcome, Ground Rules, Agenda, Announcements, Residents Roll - Jason L’Ecuyer


7:05 Housing Summit: Planning Neighborhoods -  Lea Terhune  

7:10 City Councilors, School Board Commissioners and City Board Members Q&A - Jason L’Ecuyer

8:00 Farrington Mobile Home Park Update - Theresa Lefebvre, President, and Members of the North Avenue Coop, Inc.

8:15 City Pesticide Ordinance, Buffer Zones, and Best Practices - Dr. Julie Hathaway, Burlington Board of Health

8:30 Vermont Gas customers can file complaints with PSB opposing pipeline-related rate increases*Alex Prolman

8:45 North Avenue Task Force Update - Ward 4 and 7 Task Force Members **

9:00 Adjourn  

VT Gas pipeline discussion. The information is targeted toward customers of Vermont Gas, which includes a vast majority of wards 4 and 7. I understand the desire to keep NPA discussions specific to the wards, and though the information I intend to present is targeted at a broader base, it is something that directly impacts [North End] residents.

The heart of the information is about pipeline cost increases, how that has already translated to higher heating costs for VGS customers, and how engaging with the ongoing public permitting process (through filing a complaint) could prevent a ~15% increase in heating bills next winter.

Beyond that, I am planning to give a very brief history of the pipeline project for context, and discuss broader environmental impacts if there is interest in it.
Alex Prolman

**North Ave Task Force member RJ Lalumiere works on roundabout design at recent workshop in Waterman at UVM.  RJ knows our streets and intersections better than most -- he bike commutes. Jason L'Ecuyer and Pat Kearney also attended the workshop.  The event featured field trips to problem intersections, and a hands-on design experience. Jim Holway, Lea Terhune, and Dave Hartnett also participated. The workshop was sponsored by many transportation interest groups, and Wards 3, 4 and 7 Neighborhood Planning Assemblies.



Watch it here - https://www.cctv.org/watch-tv/programs/burlington-ward-4-and-ward-7-npa-meeting-1

6:45 Meet and Greet Neighbors, Snacks and Beverages

7:00 Welcome, Ground Rules, Agenda, Announcements
Steering Committee Nomination and Vote – Liam Griffin
Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee – Seeking Representatives
Thank You to All Candidates in March 3rd Election

7:10 Election Results
Power Point Presentation

7:20 City Councilors, Board and Commission Members Update

7:35 Residents Speak Out

7:45 Farrington Mobile Home Park Update
Theresa Lefebvre, Association Chair

7:55 Burlington College Development Viewpoint
Charles Simpson, Save Open Spaces-Burlington

8:10 Housing Action Report Overview
Lea Terhune, NPA Steering Committee

8:20 Two Lot Development Appletree Point
Brad Rabinowitz, Architect

8:35 North Avenue Task Force Overview
RJ Lalumiere, Ward 7 Member

8:50 CarShare Overview
Alicia Taylor, Program Manager

9:00 Adjourn


~Farrington Park -- North Ave Co-Op - Theresa LeFebvre
~Orphranage/Diocese Land -- housing, open space - Charles Simpson
~Preview draft Housing Action Plan
~*Accessory apartment or duplex - Brad Rabinowicz 
~Carshare VT - Alicia Taylor alicia@carsharevt.org

Nomination of Liam Griffin to the Ward 7 Steering Committee
**Appointment of representative and alternate to Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan Advisory Committee. Nominated: Liam Griffin (W7), Kacey Boone (W4). 

*In 1992, within the subsection of former 24 V.S.A. § 4406(4) addressing equal treatment of housing, § 4406(4)(D) was added to the state statutes to protect landowners’ ability to create certain types of accessory dwelling units. See 1991, No. 130 (Adj. Sess.), § 3. It provided that: no zoning regulation shall have the effect of excluding for review as a conditional use one dwelling unit constructed within or attached to a primary single family residence located in a district in which single family residences are a permitted or conditional use. 

**At their February 9 meeting, Burlington City Council created an Advisory Committee to work with the City as we create our first Bicycle & Pedestrian Plan. The resolution asks the Ward 4/7 NPA to select one District representative for this Committee. Volunteers are sought. If interested, please come to this meeting!


Feb 25 Ballot Questions, Discussion with Mayoral and City Council Candidates

Ballot Questions are placed on the ballot in two ways: by City Council or by Citizen Initiative. All the ballot questions on the ballot in the upcoming election are approved for the ballot by City Council. Most financial issues (like bonds and TIF loans), charter changes (creation of special reserve funds, allowing non-citizens to serve on boards and commissions and as department heads, change term length of some board members to three years, eliminate disclosure of party affiliation and quotas for some boards), and advisory questions (allow non-citizens the right to vote in municipal and school district elections) are required to be placed on the ballot for voter approval

Ballot Questions HERE.


Miller Center 130 Gosse Court
Jason L’Ecuyer, Facilitator

6:45 Meet and Greet Neighbors, Snacks and Beverages

7:00 Welcome, Ground Rules, Agenda, Announcements

City attorney Eileen Blackwood will present the ballot items and the mayor and city councilors will explain the City's position. Each mayoral candidate will be asked to comment as well, and residents can ask questions directly from the floor.

7:05 Ballot Items 3 thru 8
        Mayoral Candidates
        Residents Q&A

In the second hour, city council candidates will discuss the ballot items, and questions will be taken directly from the floor.

~8:00 Ballot items 3 thru 8
        City Council Candidates

~8:55  Business
         North Avenue Corridor Task Force Appointments
         Report on CDBG process, handouts to take away 

~9:00 Adjourn

A copy of the short form ballot questions and the checklist are at the Miller Center Front Desk. Ward 4 checklist is at The Bagel and at St. Mark's Youth Center. 

All election-related information is HERE: or paste http://www.burlingtonvt.gov/CT/Elections in your browser.




Note: Forum on Ballot initiatives (municipal budget and issues) is the following week, Feb 25, regular NPA meeting night. City Council and Mayoral candidates are invited to comment on each ballot question. http://www.burlingtonvt.gov/sites/default/files/Elections/20150303/ballot_questions_full_text_sign_by_mayor.pdf 


The program will begin with a presentation of the budget by members of the school board finance committee, and the superintendent or the business manager, if they are available. Next on the agenda, candidates for Ward 4 and Ward 7 will meet with residents of their wards in separate rooms, all coming together to meet and discuss issues with the North District school board candidates in the community room. Candidates are invited to post signs and display literature.


Ward 4 and Ward 7, North District
Special Meeting, School Budget and Candidates Forum
Co-sponsored by the North End NPAs and North End PTOs

February 18, 2015 Wednesday
6:30pm – 9:00pm
Miller Center 130 Gosse Court

Jason L’Ecuyer, facilitator

6:30pm  MEET & GREET Neighbors, Candidates, and Officials. Snacks and Beverages.

7:00pm  Welcome, Ground Rules, Agenda, Announcements.

7:05pm  Budget discussion, #1 School Budget) and #2 (sequester of funds). Comments, Q&A.
Jason L'Ecuyer, moderator. Barry Trutor, timekeeper.

.......*Residents Divide Up by Ward (Community Room and Classroom)

7:35pm Ward School Board Candidates Forum
Opening statement; position on school budget; audience questions; closing statement
[Jason L’Ecuyer moderator, and Jeffrey Peterson, timekeeper] Ward 4
[Barry Trutor, moderator. Linda Chagnon, timekeeper] Ward 7

.......*All Residents Return to Community Room

8:20pm North District School Board Candidates Forum
Opening statement; position on school budget; audience questions; closing statement
[Jason L’Ecuyer moderator. Amela Lulic, timekeeper]

9:00pm Adjourn

*Ward 4 and Ward 7 residents will meet in separate rooms with their Ward candidates.  All come together for North District candidates.

*Candidates will each have equal time to present their positions. All questions will come from the floor. Residents will have a chance to ask one question before any second questions are taken. All questions must be brief and direct to all candidates.  We want residents to have maximum time to ask questions, and we want to give candidates maximum time to answer.


Ward 7 
Helen S. Hossley 325 Ethan Allen Parkway helen.hossley@gmail.com  660-9639
David Kirk 36 Blondin Cir.  David.kirk36@gmail.com   862-8216

Ward 4
Arthur Vento 164 Dodds Court Arthur.Vento@comcast.net 238-2374
Anne Judson  119 Oakcrest Drive ajudson@smcvt.edu   999-8783

North District
Mark Barlow  25 Holly Lane  k.mark.barlow@gmail.com  316-7473
Scot Shumski  819 North Ave. Scot.Shumski@gmail.com   923-3944



Burlington Wards 4 & 7 NPA Meeting Mayoral Candidate Forum | Center for Media and Democracy

January 26 is the deadline for candidates to submit petitions to place their name on the Town Meeting Ballot. There is an open invitation to all North End candidates to present their platform and answer questions from residents at the NPA, January 28, Miller Center.

Ward 4 NPA and Ward 7 NPA will meet separately with Ward Council and School Commission candidates, and will meet jointly with District Council and School Commission candidates, and Mayoral candidates.

Candidates for Council and Mayor Wednesday, Jan 28, Miller Center.
*Candidates for School Board, and Ballot Questions, Feb 25, Miller Center.

January 28, 2015
6:30pm - 9pm
Miller Center 130 Gosse Court
6:30 pm Meet the Candidates! Snacks and Beverages.

7:00pm Welcome [Facilitator, Matt Cropp]

7:05pm Residents Divide Up by Ward (Community Room and Children's Room)

7:10pm Ward Candidates for City Council Forum
          [Moderator and Timekeeper: Matt Cropp and Amela Lulic] Ward 4
          [Moderator and Timekeeper: Barry Trutor and Linda Chagnon] Ward 7

7:35pm All Residents Return to Community Room

7:40pm North District (Wards 4 and 7) Candidates for City Council Forum
8:15pm Mayoral Candidates Forum
9:00pm Adjourn

To see deadlines and candidate information, click on: Election Information

March 3, 2015 Annual City Election

Notice of Public Hearings on Proposed Charter Changes

Public Hearings concerning proposed amendments to the Burlington City Charter will be held on Friday, January 16, 2015 at 12:00 noon and Monday, January 26, 2015 at 7:00 p.m in Contois Auditorium, City Hall, Burlington, Vermont.

Table of Contents

Election Results - Results from past elections
Candidate Resources - Forms: Candidate Major Party Endorsement, Consent, and Petition; and Lists: Street Address Ranges for City Wards, City Districts, State Districts
Voter Registration Info - Search Burlington's Voter Checklist to Verify your Registration and Ward; Forms: Absentee Ballot Request, Voter Registration, and Voter Checklist Revision; Polling Place List
How to Vote - Citizen's Guide to Voting on Election Day
Election Calendar - Dates and Deadlines regarding Elections for voters, candidates, and administrators
Maps - Wards, State Districts, and Polling Places - Maps: Web and pdf (suitable for printing) maps of City Wards and Districts, State Legislative Districts, and Polling Places
Redistricting Summary - Executive Summary of the major changes to the City Charter regarding the City's Wards, City Council, School Board, Ward Officers, and transitional provisions
Board of Registration of Voters - Meetings: Agendas and Minutes
Ward Clerks and Inspectors of Election - Membership: Ward Clerks and Inspectors of Election



December 17, 7pm, Miller Center, Community Room.

Matt Cropp, and NPA past and present steering committee members Jeremy Ryan, Linda Pigeon, and Roy Colette, are putting together a panel to update the public on negotiations to preserve the unique affordable housing community at Farrington Park. Guests: Brian Pine (City Housing) and Sarah Woodward (CVOEO)

Come to learn about the challenges and to encourage the people who are stepping up to take control of their destiny. If you think that is an overstatement, come see for yourself. The property is assessed at $1.9 million, and it is for sale for $5 million. Residents, by law, have the right of first refusal. They have until Jan. 4 to notify the seller if they want to exercise it and begin negotiations to form a co-op to purchase the park or endorse purchase by a non-profit.

Refreshments will be served.
Dec. 17, 2015: The latest from residents is that they have collected 80+ signatures in support of exploring their options to purchase. S isarah Woodward of CVOEO Mobile Home Project is coordinating with residents to get their petition submitted to Rob Farrington and the Commissioner of VT Dept. of Housing and Community Development. They have until January 22nd to submit their petition. 
                                                                                          Aerial photo of Farrington Park 1962.



6:45 - Mingle and catch up

-Welcome, Ground, Rules
-Introductions/Announcements/Speak Out 
-Business, elect CDBG* reps
-Discussion of Burlington 150th Celebration - Amy Barcomb
-Board for Registration of Voters - Linda Chagnon
-Reports from elected officials.

8:00-9:00pm - Update on the Farrington Park situation, Matt Cropp.
   -Brian Pine, Assistant Director for Housing & Neighborhood Revitalization 
   -Farrington Residents, former NPA Steering Committee Members Jeremy Ryan, Linda Pidgeon, Roy Collette.

*CDBG - Community Development Block Grant Program Overview

Farrington Park residents

Neighborhood Planning Assembly


Candidates from the North End announce their intentions: Kurt Wright (R), Ward 4 Councilor; Jim Holway (D), Ward 4 Councilor; Michael Ly (R), Ward 7 Councilor;  Jason L'Euyer* (D) W7 Councilor; Tom Ayres* (D) W7 Councilor. Steve Goodkind (P), Mayor. We are proud of ALL our candidates who step forward to serve. They are first and foremost our neighbors. Note: Dem Party will endorse either L'Ecuyer or Ayres at Caucus Jan 11. The one not chosen can always run as an Independent which has happened in Ward 7 before.

Jim Holway
Kurt Wright
Michael Ly
Jason L'Ecuyer
Tom Ayres

Steve Goodkind