Amazing what a touch up with acrylics, and a top coat of polyurethane can do! We preserve the signs because they are all that's left of a community project to clean up an area near several neighborhoods that troubled parents.

The sandwich boards were painted at the same time as the mural on the back of the theater in the shopping center. Leddy Park's entrance for vehicular traffic was narrow, with no sidewalks or shoulder, so children on bikes, mothers with baby strollers, and elderly people walking accessed the park from the shopping center. The back of the theater faced a children's playground and it was plagued with graffiti. The area was neglected. It was full of weeds, scrub brush and poison ivy. It was dark and scary. Drug dealing and drinking were witnessed by neighbors, and it had a bad reputation.

The NPA organized a mural painting. Area businesses generously donated materials, professional artists and area teachers participated, and volunteers came from the neighborhoods to watch and help. The mural took two days to paint. When it was finished, we cut down the brush, planted a wildflower garden along the fence, asked the police to patrol the area, and asked the Parks Dept to bring in a few picnic tables and keep the area mowed to control the poison ivy.

(Back L-R) Jamie, Jelani, Jamal, Colby. Front: Chad, Dana
RESULTS: Graffiti in the area ended immediately. The mural was never defaced in the 7 years it was there.  The adjacent area of the park was not kept clear, picnic tables were there for a few weeks and then removed. Poison ivy remained a plague on the area. This year the Shopping Center tore down the theater, and the mural along with it.

Six sandwich boards were painted that day, to be used to announce NPA meeings. Every month, the sandwich boards go out with a poster that announces the date of the assembly, with a few key words about the program. It's an opportunity for residents to meet with their elected and appointed officials, review major impact developments, discuss neighborhood issues, look at the municipal budget the budget with the Mayor, and talk with City departments about services and future plans. There are candidate and ballot question forums before every election.