July 23, Meet the Candidates for Chittenden County Sheriff and School Board Ward 7

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What does the Sheriff's Office do? VAST Safety week, NRA Instructor Course, fingerprinting, prisoner transport, traffic control -- and more. Wednesday, July 23 at the Miller Center, we will have a chance to meet the candidates for Chittenden County Sheriff and ask them questions about their qualifications for the job.

Kevin McLaughlin
Ed Cafferty

What are the demands on a School Board member today? How do we want them to represent us, and what do they expect from us in return? We will have an opportunity to discuss issues related to accountability and transparency. The "gag rule" to silence opposition is particularly troubling. Democracy thrives when all sides of an issue are discussed openly, and consensus is built collaboratively. When this process is open, the community participates.

Ward 7 Special Election  
Kevin Garrison, Linda Deliduka, Ed McMahon
(Filing deadline: Mon July 21 5pm)

WRITE-INS: Voters can write in the name of a person who is not on the ballot. Undeclared candidates can campaign for a write-in vote. To be sure your vote is counted, write the person's first and last name. You can write it on a note card and take it to the polls with you. Sometimes write-in candidates hand out their name at the polls, or have a sticker you can affix to the ballot next to the words WRITE IN.

6:30 pm  Meet the Candidates!  Light food and beverages.

AGENDA    Facilitator, Jason L'Ecuyer

7:00 (Jason L'Ecuyer) Welcome, Ground Rules. Agenda, Announcements
7:05 (Residents) Speak Up/Speak Out/Any Subject
7:15  (Rock Point) Rock Point School Presentation and short Q&A
7:35 (Jim Holway, Ward 4 Clerk) Briefing on Primary Election
7:40 (Linda Chagnon, Board of Registration of Voters) Briefing on Voter Registration
7:45 (Jason L'Ecuyer) Program I – Recognize and Briefly Introduce Candidates Not in Program II and III.  *Candidates have up to 5 minutes to speak.     
8:05 (Barry Trutor) Program II – Democratic Candidates for Chittenden County Sheriff 
 Edward Cafferty, Kevin McLaughlin
8:25 (Lea Terhune) Program III – School Board Candidates for Ward 7
Kevin Garrison, Linda Deliduka, Ed McMahon
9:00 Adjourn

Tuesday, Aug 26