Jan 2 Steering Committee, (first Wednesday). 7pm by request of Pat.

Jan 23 NPA: Checking with Scott Gustin to get an outline of the Open Space Protection Plan Revisions, Planning Dept program, and time requested. There will be equal time for discussion. 

REVISION OF OPEN SPACE PROTECTION PLAN: Note that mayor is asking for revision of Act 250 Waterfront permit which will remove restrictions on number, size, and noise hours of Waterfront events. People who invested in homes there were sold based on Act 250 limits. Similarly, open space is a major factor in North End quality of life, and changes in the Open Space Protection Plan impact all permits and development because development has to comply with municipal plans. Remember, the Urban Reserve is part of Ward 7, and they are primary stewards of that open space.Appletree Point, poster child of the Open Space Plan, also on alert. 


city of burlingtonvt open space protection plan

Adopted by the Burlington City Council: 30 October 2000. CITY OF BURLINGTONVT.OPEN SPACE PROTECTION PLAN. Natural Areas. Recreation ...

Redistricting Team: MJ has volunteered to join the redistricting team. She's an avid number cruncher and an engineer. She will fight for including post-census housing data in the North End wards. The team currently consists of Jim Holway (fighting for NPA participation on Redistricting Committee), Linda Chagnon (Board for Registration of Voters), Ron McG, MJ Mulowney, Nancy Ellis, Lea Terhune, and Phil LaVigne. We meet at The Bagel, Thursday mornings at 8am. All are encouraged to bring ideas and help. Contact Jim Holway 865-4471.