Dec. 12, 2012 -- Residents collaborate on security & safety, and development options for the Flynn Property, Starr Farm Rd

Note: The regular 4th Wednesday North End NPA meeting, Dec 26th,, and has been rescheduled to Dec 12.

Join us on December 12, 7pm, at the Miller Center, to celebrate 30 years of neighborhood planning and assembling.  Our special guest will be Rep. Bill Aswad, who created the NPA’s when he was Chairman of the Burlington Planning Commission.  Now, 25+ years later, the city requires developers to discuss their development plans with NPAs in public forum BEFORE submitting a permit application. The goal is to exchange ideas, and work out differences, saving everyone time and money of course, but most important, preserving neighborliness throughout the city. Everybody wins when developers and neighbors work together to build community as well as buildings.

Neighborhood Planning Assemblies (NPAs) are grassroots, neighborhood organizations that were established in each of Burlington's seven Wards to encourage citizen participation in City government. Working as neighborhood advocacy groups, Neighborhood Planning Assemblies help improve communication between the citizens of Burlington and City government through regular meetings scheduled in each Ward. Read the original Resolution that created NPAs in Burlington here. PDF

NPAs serve as organized, democratic forums where neighbors can learn about public issues that affect them, and advise the City of their concerns and needs. From stop signs to major development projects, the NPAs offer you an innovative way to get involved in neighborhood and City issues and make your opinions heard. 

NPAs elect representatives to the  Community Development Block Grant advisory board that approves neighborhood development grant applications. Thses grants fund projects that reduce poverty and/or revitalize low and moderate income neighborhoods. http://www.burlingtonvt.gov/CEDO/Neighborhood-Services/Neighborhood-Planning-Assemblies/

Residents from Ward 4  -- Curtis Ave., Starr Farm Rd, Sunset Cliffs, and Appletree Point -- will get together to explore possibilities for the Flynn property on Starr Farm Rd.  These folks have history, and are about to make history by working together with the leaseholder/ developer to find a  win-win plan for the property and its neighborhoods. 

We have been asked to take this opportunity to encourage neighborhoods to collaborate on safety and security following a rash of mid-day break-ins (attempted and successful) and robbery on Appletree Point. Strathmore HOA is researching incidents of crime in their area to see if this is an unusual blip or an ominous pattern. 
Since many homes in Strathmore back up to Appletree Farm, the Flynn property, and Sunset Cliffs, it will take a broad coalition of vigilant Neighborhood Watch to confront the problem. Because we are meeting in a small space on Dec 12, we ask neighborhoods to plan a larger community to discuss safety and security further in the coming weeks.

Deadline for nominations is Dec 11.


Tell us who in your neighborhood went out of their way to make your neighborhood better, safer, happier, kinder, more fun, more attractive, or _________________________.   

Name: _____________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________________________

What did this person do?


*OPEN FORUM is part of each item on the agenda, with opportunity at the end of the evening for anyone to speak out on any issue.


       1. Nominations – Jim Holway, Ward 4. Mary Jay Mulowney, Ward 4.   
       2. January topics - Open Space Plan rewrite 
7:10 Honoring Rep. William Aswad, founder of of NPAs.  Recognition of Good Neighbors.

7:20  PROGRAM: Discussion of safety and security issues, and future of Flynn property.

8:20 Reports from Elected and Appointed Officials - Update on Redistricting 

8:50 Reflections, whatever you want to talk about.