Dec 12, 2012 Good Neighbors Plan Together


Update on redistricting was presented by Jim Holway and Cslr. Paul Decelles who both think the city is moving too fast. Paul is on the Redistricting Committee, which does not have strong consensus -- or any consensus -- on the best option regarding number of wards and number of councilors per ward. All-Wards NPA delegated Jim Holway to attend the committee meetings and keep NPAs informed since the Redistricting Committee of 4 councilors and the mayor are not reaching out to the community. 

Frank vonTurkovich asked people for ideas about development of the Flynn estate land on Starr Farm Rd., adjoining Curtis Ave, Strathmore (Muirfield Rd), Starr Farm Rd., and Sunset Cliffs Rd. These neighbors have been around on this before, and there was some hostility to overcome. Jeff Temer and Sarah Deshaw, Strathmore HOA board members, put agricultural uses, solar field, and buy out of development rights on the table.

Cari Papp and Gary Rogers worked hard to create infant play groups at the Miller Center. Cari knew who to talk to, what to ask for, and she had a file of the numbers and data to back up her requests.  Gary advocated for the program, and secured beautiful, safe, centrally located donated space at Miller Ctr. The play groups are a wonderful asset to our community. The group has to raise matching funds to continue the program n the spring and summer – please help them find benefactors.
Steve Blair is always the first person outside when it snows. He clears parking places for neighbors, is always friendly and helpful, and never intrusive. He is the best neighbor anyone could ask for.
The Prim family is always there for neighbors in need, and for animals as well. They comforted a neighbor’s pet that was victim of hit and run, when  the driver left the animal to die in the street. They look in on an elderly neighbor, and invited a senior dog to stay at their house while the owner was at work. She took care of Sierra when she was sick. We couldn’t have a better neighbor.
Carole and Phil LaVigne enable more neighbors and more Burlington residents to be informed and aware of important issues in our community. They consistently tape the ward 4&7 NPA meetings. Phil taped the meetings of the Finance Board during the past development of the City’s budget, and also Parks Committee meetings when we were urging the city to spend Pennies for Parks on our PARKS. These services are of tremendous value to residents who are not able to attend these meetings. Phil also alerted us to the use of the Urban Reserve as a city dump, photographing debris and calling it to the attention of our city councilors.
Libby Irwin created a list-serve to connect seniors interested in fitness classes at the Miller Center, walking, hiking, playing pickleball, sharing art, baking bread, and meeting for lunch at the Bagel – to name of few of the groups activities Libby has organized. When she decided to sell her home on Village Green, many people had the perfect house for her in their neighborhood. She’s the kind of neighbor every community needs.
The Strathmore HOA board kept the need for repairs at Appletree Park at the forefront of requests for Pennies for Parks. The park is safe now, and used by many children every day. Adults can use the tennis courts again, and it is a great gathering place for neighbors.
Gene Shaver and Fred Osier put a stop to wrong use of city funds for BT at a time when councilors knew it was happening but it seemed like no one knew what to do or, most important, how to stop it. Fred and Gene went to court, and shined a spotlight on the actions of a few who were using taxpayer money for BT without approval of council or the people, in defiance of the Public Service Board.
Eric Farrell worked closely with his neighbors to create a win-win development plan for the original  Staniford Farm property on Appletree Point. By clustering small footprint homes along the bike path, precious wetlands and the buffer zones open space is protected and will remain part of a wildlife corridor that links the urban wilds from North Beach through the Flynn Estate to the Winooski River, and into the Intervale.
Val Zarro: Val is on the gray condominium Board of Directors at Appletree Point.  He addresses and oversees any problems that the condominium owners have no matter how large or small.  He always takes the time necessary to explain the problem and solve it.  He has made condo ownership much easier for those of us having to address condo owners problems.  And he does this work on his own time.

David Hauke creates and maintains an attractive, friendly, affordable cluster of businesses that are a hub of community activity. The North End is walkable and bikable. Our retail areas are connected via North Ave sidewalks and bike path, to our residential areas, senior housing, the schools, the parks and many public beaches. Mr. Hauke worked closely with developers and the Parks Dept to connect new housing at Thayer Commons with the shopping center, which minimizes additional car trips in the area, a major concern of adjacent neighbors.
Carole Ode: Carol gives of her time every day in the summer to lead a water aerobics class for anyone who wants to attend in the Appletree Point complex.  She is not only very knowledgeable in this area, she also makes the class enjoyable with laughter and discussions.  She is a joy to work out with first thing in the morning!