NPA COOK-OUT. AUG 17 at the Miller Center, 6pm

Each year the NPA celebrates members of the community who have made meaningful contributions to their neighborhood and thereby to quality of life in the city. Nominees this year include volunteers at the Starr Farm Dog Park, and residents who serve on the boards, commissions, and committees that make up city government by and for the people. *WATCH ONLINE:* You may watch on-line by clicking here: http://www.cctv.org/node/96897

All neighborhoods are invited to attend the NPA cook-out celebrating our unique community. "North Burlington" is generally divided into neighborhood street-identified areas by Front Porch Forum, and into voting districts by city and state. But the neighborhoods along North Ave are in an area of Burlington that is north but not new!

Appletree Point, home of the earliest Burlington settler, once included land bordered by the Winooski River, the Intervale and Ethan Allen Homestead, the Arms Grant, and Lake Champlain -- in other words, the entire North End.  In 1773-74, Felix Powell built a cabin thought to be near a perennial spring by the bikepath where it crosses Staniford Rd.

Thanks to local businesses and the pot luck tradition, the North End NPA BBQ is a well attended feast where residents honor volunteerism. This year the gathering will offer an opportunity to thank neighbors who serve on city boards and commissions. It is our hope that when people learn more about the work of boards -- and the city could not possibly run without them!-- they will be inspired to volunteer for a board that interests them. Accessibility, airport, assessors, housing, cemetery, solid waste, marketplace, conservation, design, electric, fence, fire, health, library.....and MORE!  Complete List of Commissioners, Advisory Boards, City Representatives on Regional Boards, Miscellaneous Appointments