City Street Dept praised for clearing snow away fast

Sen. Doug Racine
Jane Sanders, President of Burlington College
Special guests: Sen. Doug Racine, Jane Sanders, Steve Goodkind, and Cprl. Jamie Morris, BPD.

Doug Racine spoke about growing up in Burlington,  building a family business, and what drew him into politics.

Jane Sanders described Burlington College plans for the Diocese property on North Avenue, which is very exciting news in the North End. She explained that the college can move into the historic building immediately because it has been so well cared for. Later the college plans to develop the property for housing. The former college building is for sale.

DPW heard mostly praise at the NPA meeting. Goodkind explained the dilemma about speedbumps, and assured residents that they could work with DPW to plan for safe streets in their neighborhood. Paving priorities were reviewed, and residents were encouraged to call DPW’s attention to streets and sidewalks in their neighborhood that they want moved up the priority ist. Goodkind assured residents that the list is constantly revised according to new information and needs identified. He also explained that traffic calming is planned in a public forum with residents from the street guiding decisions that are made. Residents talked about a temporary island that was installed to calm traffic on Ethan Allen Parkway.

Steve Goodkind, DPW Chief
North End Residents
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The evening began with an update on our dog license fee resolution. Our request that dog license fees be dedicated to dog parks will be heard by the Finance Board. Thanks to Councilor Decelles for taking the resolution off the consent agenda for discussion, and to /city Council for a unanimous vote to send it to Finance Board for consideration.

Cpl. Morris discusses North End issues
Residents from Staniford Road talked about the speedbumps, said they are too small to slow traffic, and are dangerous. There is also concern about increased crime in the area. Cpl. Morris explained that although there is only one officer on duty in the North End, any time people have an issue they can call the department and request a drive by or a visit.

NPA support team - Carole Lavigne, CCTV camera; Jenny Davis, Center for Community and Neighborhood; Jon Fint and Larry Solt, Miller Center. Jon is a former NPA steering committee member.

State Reps Mark Larson and Bill Aswad provided a preview of some issues before the legislature, Bill speaking about the future of rail transportation, and Mark about the 100 million $ hole in the state budget. Residents urged the closing of Vt Yankee in 2012, and close monitoring of health risks so plant can be closed sooner if there are more problems.

Residents were disappointment that councilors weren't there -- they had come to discuss city issues with them.