Ch17 Forums Come to NPA Live Audience

Notes on lunch gathering at Ch17 to discuss merger of Ch17 candidate forums and NPA candidate forums.
Present: Steve Norman (NPA 4/7), Dave Berezniak (2), Andy Montroll (6), Lea Terhune (4), Terry Jeroloman (3), Richard Hillyard (1), Geoff Wyman (Ch17 Production), Nat Ayer (Station Manager), Tuija Tindell (Executive Producer), Rob Reiber (Coordinator).
Consensus of the group was that we could begin to explore possibilities of moving Ch17 LIVE Forums to NPAs in front of a live audience. Staff are going to explore whether they can cablecast live on Ch17, stream over the internet, have phone lines available, etc. We want to generate wider interest in forums, candidates and issues; enliven democracy; and provide high quality coverage with the technology available to us.
Logistics: Ch17 would bring staff, and our regular producers would be part of the team. NPA moderators/facilitators would coordinate with Rob to be sure that NPA format is consistent with Ch17 guidelines for political forums (all candidates invited, equal time, open forum, etc.). NPA 2/3 and 4/7 would need more time than 1, 5, and 6.
Candidates will have some questions in advance, and there will be questions from residents and possibly questions by phone also. Each steering committee is asked to send possible candidate questions to Rob. Dave suggested that each NPA solicit questions from residents via Front Porch Forum, too. During the forum, we can take questions either verbally or written and passed up to the moderator.
All-Wards NPA Steering Committee, Jan 27, Miller Center, 7-9pm:  Ch17 staff and board, and individual NPAs will work out the details and present the results to us.