NPA review of development projects

Re: Recommendations from the Open Government Committee to the Department of Planning & Zoning

In the resolution passed by City Council on 09/14/09, regarding NPA review of 'major' development projects and notice to neighbors of administrative permit applications, the resolution is quite clear that the desire is for NPA review of 'major' projects. The Council voted unanimously to support the resolution.  http://www.cctv.org/watch-tv/programs/burlington-city-council-6

David White, in his response, suggests that NPAs could review a project, or developer could call a separate meeting. The latter is always an option, but the point of the Open Gov. Com. recommendation, and your resolution, is to make it clear that NPAs will have the opportunity to review a 'major' project and give feedback to a developer, before the official permit process is set in motion.  Projects used to come to our NPAs routinely. Requiring NPA review before an application is stamped complete is reasonable. The NPA requirement would be part of the application process, and could be waived "for cause not the fault of the applicant," for example if the NPA signed off on hearing a presentation.

Wards 4 and 7 had a wonderful experience with this recently [link to Jan 15 '09 Assembly, presentation of Thayer School mixed housing project]. We strongly affirm the intention of the original recommendation to have "major" projects presented at NPA of affected ward/s early in the process.