JAN. 19, 2010 AGENDA

You may watch the program on-line by clicking here: http://www.cctv.org/node/87940

Miller Center, 130 Gosse Court.
Facilitator: Phil LaVigne , Ward 7

6:30 pm Special Event – Moran development, 4 new prospects:
               Burlington College, Maritime Museum, Flynn Theater, City Arts.
               For details, watch Ch17 LIVE@5:25, Jan 15, North End NPA Update.

               Welcome and Sign-In
7:00 Introductions, ANNOUNCEMENTS, Ground Rules, Agenda
       Anyone who would like to make an announcement, please do so briefly at this time.

7:10 NPA Business – Dec. 15, 09. minutes (resolutions, votes -- complete record of mtg archived at Ch17.         Election to steering committee. Candidates Night, Feb 16.

7:15 Reports from Elected and Appointed Officials (Councilors, Legislators, Commissioners, Board Members, Steering Committee sub-committee, Task Force members, Working Groups, etc.)
Arnie Gundersen, Ward 4, is a nuclear engineer hired by the Legislature to keep track of Vermont Yankee. We’ve requested Arnie to bring us up to date on VY safety and contract issues. We've also invited Bob Herendeen, Burlington Electric Commission, to tell us about BED relationship with VY.  Lt. Bovat has been invited to address resident’s concerns about scams and robberies.

7:45 Open Forum for Residents - Brief statements of neighborhood/city interest or concern.

8:15 Program: DPW – Roads, sidewalks, intersections and speedbumps. Steve Goodkind, Ward 7, Director of Public Works. Maggie Gundersen, Ward 4, Public Works Commissioner.

8:50 Reflections: Statements of thoughts/ideas that came up during the meeting.

*Please note that the agenda is subject to change without notice. *