JULY 22 NPA  AGENDA  ITEMS Miller Ctr, 6:45pm
  • Speak Out
  • Contaminated soil stored in Leddy Park.
  • Discussion of City issues with elected and appointed officials 
  • Public Hearing: 451 Ethan Allen Parkway proposed project
  • Reports from North Avenue Corridor Task Force and Bike/Walk Plan representatives
RESOLUTION: The Ward 4 and 7 NPAs request that the stockpiled soils be removed from Leddy Park. The NPAs recognize that additional testing must first occur before the soils can be removed. To that end, we urge in the strongest possible terms, that the BPRW, the DEC, and the EPA collaborate to ensure that the timeline for testing of the soil is significantly shortened, thus expediting the process for removal of the soil from Leddy Park as soon as possible.

*Have you seen the dirt pile? Take a tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oz879z4g-k4

*Are you informed about PCBs and how/why the dirt got dumped in Leddy Park
"People are pretty upset with the pile," explains Dave Hartnett, the independent city councilor representing Burlington's North District. This week, Hartnett and fellow councilor Kurt Wright (R-Ward 4) met with Bridges to press for a removal date. So far Bridges hasn't committed to one. He says more tests must be conducted on the dirt, and then he needs permission from the state Department of Environmental Conservation and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on how to safely dispose of the soils.

Notice of Public Meeting Re: 451 Ethan Allen Parkway
Ward 4 & 7 Neighborhood Planning Assembly 
Date: July 22, 2015 Time of Meeting: 7:00 pm 
Location: 130 Gosse Ct, Burlington, VT 05408 (Robert E. Miller Community Center)  
Adjoining landowners are hereby notified of a public meeting before the Ward 4 & 7 Neighborhood Planning Assembly at the above time and place regarding a proposed project, located at 451 Ethan Allen Parkway, Burlington, VT 05408, that has been submitted to the Burlington Department of Planning and Zoning for approval. 
Proposed Project Information: Landowners are seeking zoning approval for a nine-unit planned residential development in three buildings on a 7.16-acre parcel of land located between 437 and 463 Ethan Allen Parkway. The complete zoning application is available for review at the Burlington Department of Planning and Zoning (149 Church Street, Burlington, VT 05401) and the law offices of Burak Anderson & Melloni, plc, (30 Main Street, Burlington, VT 05402).
Information materials will be available for review in the atrium of the Miller Center from 6:30-7pm. A preview of the project will be part of our regular agenda.
We will miss you Linda. 
Questions about North Ave Corridor Plan?
Nicole Losch, PTP
Department of Public Works
645 Pine St.
Burlington, Vermont  05401

Questions about the Bike/Walk Plan?
Lucy Gibson, P.E.
DuBois & King
28 North Main Street
Randolph, Vermont  05060

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