Feb 25 Ballot Questions, Discussion with Mayoral and City Council Candidates

Ballot Questions are placed on the ballot in two ways: by City Council or by Citizen Initiative. All the ballot questions on the ballot in the upcoming election are approved for the ballot by City Council. Most financial issues (like bonds and TIF loans), charter changes (creation of special reserve funds, allowing non-citizens to serve on boards and commissions and as department heads, change term length of some board members to three years, eliminate disclosure of party affiliation and quotas for some boards), and advisory questions (allow non-citizens the right to vote in municipal and school district elections) are required to be placed on the ballot for voter approval

Ballot Questions HERE.


Miller Center 130 Gosse Court
Jason L’Ecuyer, Facilitator

6:45 Meet and Greet Neighbors, Snacks and Beverages

7:00 Welcome, Ground Rules, Agenda, Announcements

City attorney Eileen Blackwood will present the ballot items and the mayor and city councilors will explain the City's position. Each mayoral candidate will be asked to comment as well, and residents can ask questions directly from the floor.

7:05 Ballot Items 3 thru 8
        Mayoral Candidates
        Residents Q&A

In the second hour, city council candidates will discuss the ballot items, and questions will be taken directly from the floor.

~8:00 Ballot items 3 thru 8
        City Council Candidates

~8:55  Business
         North Avenue Corridor Task Force Appointments
         Report on CDBG process, handouts to take away 

~9:00 Adjourn

A copy of the short form ballot questions and the checklist are at the Miller Center Front Desk. Ward 4 checklist is at The Bagel and at St. Mark's Youth Center. 

All election-related information is HERE: or paste http://www.burlingtonvt.gov/CT/Elections in your browser.