Note: Forum on Ballot initiatives (municipal budget and issues) is the following week, Feb 25, regular NPA meeting night. City Council and Mayoral candidates are invited to comment on each ballot question. http://www.burlingtonvt.gov/sites/default/files/Elections/20150303/ballot_questions_full_text_sign_by_mayor.pdf 


The program will begin with a presentation of the budget by members of the school board finance committee, and the superintendent or the business manager, if they are available. Next on the agenda, candidates for Ward 4 and Ward 7 will meet with residents of their wards in separate rooms, all coming together to meet and discuss issues with the North District school board candidates in the community room. Candidates are invited to post signs and display literature.


Ward 4 and Ward 7, North District
Special Meeting, School Budget and Candidates Forum
Co-sponsored by the North End NPAs and North End PTOs

February 18, 2015 Wednesday
6:30pm – 9:00pm
Miller Center 130 Gosse Court

Jason L’Ecuyer, facilitator

6:30pm  MEET & GREET Neighbors, Candidates, and Officials. Snacks and Beverages.

7:00pm  Welcome, Ground Rules, Agenda, Announcements.

7:05pm  Budget discussion, #1 School Budget) and #2 (sequester of funds). Comments, Q&A.
Jason L'Ecuyer, moderator. Barry Trutor, timekeeper.

.......*Residents Divide Up by Ward (Community Room and Classroom)

7:35pm Ward School Board Candidates Forum
Opening statement; position on school budget; audience questions; closing statement
[Jason L’Ecuyer moderator, and Jeffrey Peterson, timekeeper] Ward 4
[Barry Trutor, moderator. Linda Chagnon, timekeeper] Ward 7

.......*All Residents Return to Community Room

8:20pm North District School Board Candidates Forum
Opening statement; position on school budget; audience questions; closing statement
[Jason L’Ecuyer moderator. Amela Lulic, timekeeper]

9:00pm Adjourn

*Ward 4 and Ward 7 residents will meet in separate rooms with their Ward candidates.  All come together for North District candidates.

*Candidates will each have equal time to present their positions. All questions will come from the floor. Residents will have a chance to ask one question before any second questions are taken. All questions must be brief and direct to all candidates.  We want residents to have maximum time to ask questions, and we want to give candidates maximum time to answer.


Ward 7 
Helen S. Hossley 325 Ethan Allen Parkway helen.hossley@gmail.com  660-9639
David Kirk 36 Blondin Cir.  David.kirk36@gmail.com   862-8216

Ward 4
Arthur Vento 164 Dodds Court Arthur.Vento@comcast.net 238-2374
Anne Judson  119 Oakcrest Drive ajudson@smcvt.edu   999-8783

North District
Mark Barlow  25 Holly Lane  k.mark.barlow@gmail.com  316-7473
Scot Shumski  819 North Ave. Scot.Shumski@gmail.com   923-3944