Williams traces missing $16.9mil. If it didn't go2 BT?? #BTV Mayor blocks audit & records release. Y? Min mark 48 ff. http://www.cctv.org/watch-tv/programs/burlington-wards-4-7-npa-meeting-53






Fred Osier and Gene Shaver
WHERE DID THE $17 MILLION GO, AND WHERE EXACTLY DID IT COME FROM? Norm Williams, Fred Osier, and Gene Shaver, North End residents, followed the money, took the case to court, and now Norm's appealing the case to the people. Norm says the numbers don't add up. "The lawsuit demands that Leopold, and/or his insurance carrier, return $16.9 million to the general fund — and that an independent agency conduct a thorough accounting of BT finances during Leopold's tenure." (BFPWhy won't City Hall follow the money? That's a question for the mayor.

Update Oct 27, 2014 - Case appealed to the VT Supreme Court. A "bridge" loan of $6 million at 7% interest by Ray Pecor III and Merchants Bnk is designed to allow the city to honor its recent court settlement with Citibank, BT's previous financier, and pave the way for the utility's sale. BT's $16.9 million debt to Burlington remains outstanding. http://wards4and7npa.blogspot.com/2010/06/why-isnt-17-million-in-public-money.html

Credit to Seven Days

WHERE IS BURLINGTON TELECOM GOING? To cover shortfalls in other city departments, taxpayers covered the $17 million siphoned from the general fund to prop up Burlington telecom, and later ponied up a $9 million stability bond to rescue the city's bond rating. The mayor promised that taxpayer support for BT would stop there, but the general fund continues to pay for the 1099 consultants who run the business. A citizen group wants to buy BT and keep it local, but the task is daunting. How long before this gig is up? Mayor coming to update the North End NPAs on Nov 19.

Mayor Weinberger

IS THE MARKET GOING SOUTH? Among 18-34 year olds, TV viewing is down to 21% and dropping. The public is ditching cable TV subscriptions and land lines. When major professional American sports start streaming, that's going to be the end of cable subscribers at the levels needed for cable TV to survive. Without the public to subsidize high tech users, will the taxpayers be willing to pick up the tab?

Be a Millennial for a Day: find VIDEO HERE

Ponder these questions and more when on Nov. 19 at 7pm residents gather at the Miller Center to hear the Burlington Telecom facts and opinions presented by defendants and plaintiffs. Having had it's day in judicial court, now the fate of BT comes to a people's court at the North End NPA.

*CANCELLED - DOWNTOWN PARKING STRATEGIES Nate Wildfire, CEDO, will explain the new parking strategies for Downtown Burlington. Where can you use your credit card? Where are 2 hrs parking free? Where can you use your Green Mountain Pass? If more housing is built downtown, and less new parking is provided, what will the consequences be? Will be rescheduled.

6-7pm - Meet with a Health Care Navigator*
6:45 Sign in, greet neighbors.
7:00 Introductions, Announcements
7:05 Residents SPEAK UP!
7:15 Reports from Elected and Appointed Officials
7:40 Norm Williams Follows the BT $17 Million
8:20 Mayor Weinberger Updates us on BT, City Finances, Starr Farm Sidewalks, whatever else you want to ask him about.
9:00 Adjourn