Parking our Pennies in our Parks!

Tim Jarvis, take a bow -- you and your pal, the mayor that is. 

Half the "Mayor's Message" on page 3 of the June 8, 2012 North Ave News is about our Penny for Parks special fund-- echoes of what we've been hearing from Tim, over and over, for many months now. Your intelligence, passion and persistence won the game, Coach.

In spite of infuriating challenges -- no one wanted to hear it! Numbers shifted like smoke -- Tim, a professional systems alayyst, was every inch a gentleman throughout: persistent, respectful and honest. Our new mayor listened.

Hats off to you, Tim (to you and your pal, the mayor). 
Take a bow, both of you.  And thanks!

 Special Parks Commission meeting  later in June..  JUNE 12