We're proud to announce the nominations of Phil LaVigne, Tim Jarvis, and Alan Sousie for the annual HERB BLOOMENTHAL AWARD FOR COMMUNITY ACTIVISM: volunteers whose leadership, tenacity and dedication has improved Burlington’s neighborhoods.  This is someone who has made Burlington a better place to live, work and play.

Tim was nominated for his work to fight for the Burlington Girl's Softball Team. Drainage problems made their field in Leddy Park unplayable. For two years, the team had no home field. This week, thanks to a drought in Vermont, the girls will play on their own turf. Tim fights for his team, for his neighborhood, and for the Leddy Park. He is watching the process of allocating FY13 Penny for Park funds very closely.  It was hoped that P4P funds could be used in Leddy Park to upgrade the softball field, but the money went to a $4000 fountain and a million dollar sk8brdprk in Waterfront North instead.

Phil has volunteered hundreds of hours to Ch 17 production of city board and commission meetings to bring open government to the people. For the first time, we saw the inner workings of the Finance Board and came to understand how and why city finances got so murky. When Penny for Parks FY12 funding allocations were challenged, Phil took the camera to Parks Commission meetings. Where there is smoke, Phil trains his camera on the fire. Open and transparent government will never be a gift from politicians and government. The people have to make it happen themselves. In Burlington, we are very fortunate to have CCTV, which depends on people like Phil to bring government to the people. More...

Thanks Tim, Phil and Alan. You are our heroes.