Sept 20 Assembly - HOT TOPICS not cooling down like the weather.

Neighborhood Planning Assembly, Tuesday 6:45pm, Miller Center. All residents welcome. Guests will include John Bossange, chairman of the Bike Path Task Force; Lt. Scott Davidson community police officer; and Barbara Grimes, General Manager of Burlington Electric Dept.

These are ongoing issues being discussed at North End NPA:

Neighborhood safety issues, Discussion with Lt. Davidson, specific topics: theft and lockdown on Oakland/York/Western; speeding on Tracy Dr, Leddy Rd, and Birch Ct; maintenance of groomed, well lighted and clearly accessible pedestrian/neighborhood entrances to Leddy Park; lack of proper signage on crosswalks -  StarrFarm/Staniford-Appletree/Shore roads, and North Ave; redesign of North Ave; and, lowering speed limits on side streets. Also, perennial request for increased street patrol, reopening the police dept office at fire station #4, and increased informal, friendly interaction with residents, particularly youth.

Pre-liminary recommendations for the Bike Path and Island Trail upgrade are on-line: http://t.co/U5DGpnFh . Chairman of Task Force is looking for feedback from us. Chance to get to know him.

Smart Meters update. Proposal for opt-out, installation schedule, new hires to manage the program, costs.

Internal Controls Checklist prepared by State Auditors Office - need to formalize request for City to release the checklist to the public, and call for a complete audit to scrub the city books. Resolution.

Expanding TIF Districtswhile it temporarily increases the Equalized Assessed Value within the TIF district, is at the expense of the rest of the city outside the district, and does it increase burden on residential property taxpayers?

Empty Miller Space, request that it be finished so it can be used. Competition for available space, Miller losing potential revenue, residents denied use of much needed space, need for more teen activities surfacing again. City Council resolution that the space be finished for a YMCA Child Care Center, with city matching the $40K Welch ear mark, HUD grant, with city funds to complete the fit up of the space.

Vacant buildings on North Ave and in the NACs (neighborhood activity centers, mixed-use growth centers). Call for creation of North End Association, need to do our own planning. Request that we preview a project proposed for the vacant gas station at shopping center. Update on vacant theater, possibly available for a non-profit to take it over (tax write-off) and redevelop for community use.

NPA Preview of Proposed Major Impact Developments. Based on recommendations of the Open Government Committee, and the basis of a resolution sponsored by Cslr. Sharon Bushor, the resolution has been discussed by NPAs, Planning Commission, and City Council. Currently a draft is being prepared which includes proposed charter changes. The proposal will be going back to City Council soon.

Rec Rink proposal, identified possible site in Leddy Park between tennis courts and basketball court. Feedback from Friends of Leddy Park, recommendation from NPA. Site not recommended, other Leddy sites preferred, issues of parking, priorities, and location.

Crosswalk safety . request for YIELD signs at crosswalks on North Ave and streets intersected by the bike path, rec path, Island Line Trail.. Concern about safety at Staniford crosswalk where mound has not been kept clear. Situation getting worse instead of better.

Request that NIN (Nov. 15) focus on direct connections between waterfront and North Ave, including North End residential neighborhood access to the waterfront and links between destinations and bike path, and North End businesses. Proposed panel of CEDO, City Planning Dept, NPA and North End Business Association. Planning for Downtown-Waterfront connections scheduled at other NPAs, all welcome to participate, schedule on website: http://www.cedoburlington.org/neighborhoods/npa/npas1.htm

Reports from officials (city council resolution to do away with party affiliation in local government); Open Forum time to raise any topic of interest; and opportunity to get to know city government and North End neighbors and issues better. All are welcome. Refreshments served.

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