JUNE 21, 1011 AGENDA -- *WATCH ONLINE : http://www.cctv.org/node/107622

6:45 Sign in, greet neighbors and city officials. 

7:00 Welcome people at home, Introductions, Announcements, Agenda, Ground Rules.

7:05 Business: Nomination of Youth Member, Ward 4 and Ward 7; July program open; August BBQ.

7:10: Open Discussion with elected and appointed officials [There will be no presentations. We are reserving all the time for discussion with our elected and appointed officials.]

  • Budget - Mayor says City Council MUST approve budget on June 20  -- what if they don't?
  • Infrastructure - broken pipes, street conditions, stormwater issues, washed out culverts, flooding, erosion, sink holes, water quality, beach use, boating, bikepath broken up....
  • Moran Project - changes from Oct report, current expenses, negotiations with tenants.
  • Petitions: Recall of Mayor - citizen initiative, 20% of voters, not in 1st year; Impeachment power of City Council, at any time.
  • June 28 Special Election (BED bond and HQ contract).
  • Finishing of Miller Space for lease.
  • Redesign of Stanbury / Staniford / Appletree bikepath intersection. 
  • Tracy Drive petitions DPW for traffic calming.
  • Thayer Commons housing, parking on neighborhood streets. 
  • Redistricting, single member districts.
  • Budget Summit next year, sponsored by All-Wards NPA in April.

8:25 Reflections:Thoughts/ideas that came up during Assembly.

We heard from:

  • People who live up high, along Leddy Park, flooded after developer started dewatering property above them.
  • A vet home from Afghanistan fears for the safety of children on his street [Tracy Drive] if the city doesn't do something. 
  • A woman who foresees problems with overflow parking from the Thayer project that could change the safety and character of her Poirier Place neighborhood.
  • And many, many people who asked questions about the smart meters and the special election on Tuesday, June 28.