NPA Tours Moran Plant

 Pat Kearney has been asking for a tour and update on the Moran Plant redevelopment for months. He got an invite from CEDO on Good Friday to tour the space on Saturday. Pat invited others to join the tour, and on short notice Cslr Wright and his wife Kim arrived, and Phil LaVigne, Lea Terhune,and Greg Roy. Many thanks to Kirsten Merriman-Shapiro.
Steel structure and foundation is strong.

The concrete mass on the right will be removed.
Lower area that is full of water now will be filled in.
Looking out over the lake to the Adirondacks.

View of waterfront from Moran will be grand. 

The graffiti reminds us that Moran was a popular
recreation area for teenagers for many years.
These high school sweethearts know the secrets of tihs place!

Councilor Decelles W7 has a resolution coming before City Council Apr 25 asking for regular updates on the Moran Plant redevelopment. People are concerned that it's more of the same BT modus operandi, and they don't want a repeat of that practice. A question about Moran finances comes up at every North End NPA meeting, usually preceded by "Has the $17mil that BT borrowed from the cash pool been accounted for yet?"
WHEREAS, it could be beneficial to all Councilors to receive a detailed briefing on any progress and the status of the Administration's efforts on the Moran project in order that this Council can understand what may be transpiring and help inform not only itself but all Burlingtonians;
Resolution re Moran Plant Project - Requesting Update 
Wed. May 11 -  Parks, Arts, Culture Committee
 Rm 12. 5:30-7:30pm UPDATE MORAN PROJECT