NORTH END NPA, Apr 19, 2011: DPW, Leddy Park, Trash Bash in the Urban Reserve

Miller Center, 130 Gosse Court
Facilitator: Ron McGarvey, Ward 4 ; Timekeeper:  
Jason L’Ecuyler, Ward 7.


7:00 Welcome people at home, Introductions, Announcements, Agenda, Ground Rules.

7:05 Discussion with Elected and Appointed Officials about city issues. (Mayor, Councilors, Legislators, Commissioners, Board Members, Blue Ribbon Committees, Task Forces, Steering Committee sub-committee, etc.)  Facilitator will ask all who wish to speak to come forward, and divvy up the available time. Residents may comment, ask questions. Please remain seated for questions during Open Forum.

7:40 Open Forum for Residents - Brief statements of neighborhood/citywide interest or concern. Questions, comments. (Please come to the mic so all can hear you clearly.) Request that officials remain in place so issues can be directed to them for action, explanation, and resolution.

8:00  PROGRAM: “Trash Bash” in the Urban Reserve (Dave Hartnett, Lea Terhune, Phil LaVigne, Jenny Davis). Removal of invasive species from Leddy Park, Ron McGarvey. Stormwater and erosion plan for Leddy Park, Megan Moir. DPW report, Steve Goodkind, discussion of recent work in the Staniford, Stanbury, Shore Rds area, broken pipes, flooded basements and sewer back-ups. Sidewalks, road conditions. Request for removal of mound at the bikepath intersection.

9:00 Reflections:Thoughts/ideas that came up during assembly.


John Foss and Ellen Cooper discuss sketch of intersection at bike path and Staniford/Appletree. Residents are concerned that someone will ne injured there. Sue Prim suggested that the bike path intersection be a crosswalk, for safety.

Cslrs Decelles, Hartnett, Wright. Cmsrs Bedrosian, O'Rourke
Photos, Phil LaVigne. Thank you!
Ch 17 video tape, Carole LaVigne, Robert Bristow-Johnson.  Many thanks.
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