March 15 NPA, 6:45 PM Miller Center. Request to Bruce Seifer, Economic Development Office: 

(1) we want to learn about the work of your office, (2) highlighting businesses in the [N]NE that you have assisted (like the computer guy who spent a year working with microB to write his business plan), and you can (3) hear from residents about what kinds of businesses they would like to attract to our available space or vacant buildings. 

We have invited Blair Wahler (Lake Champlain Computer Services, 1353 North Ave)  to join us and tell his story -- could you suggest others who have worked with/through your office/programs whose North End businesses we could showcase?

We see shows on Ch17 about the mayor walking down North Street to visit small businesses, and wish he -- or someone from CEDO -- would do that along North Avenue. We feel neglected. The theater in the shopping park has been empty for years, the armory sat vacant for years, and the DMV property sat vacant. A pre-school is vacant, which reminds me, our child care businesses need help to get properly certified and Cari Papp wants to talk with you about that at NPA. A loan program? incentives? business course offered at the Miller Center? What can the city do to help those small child care businesses achieve certification?

We painted a huge mural on the back of the building in hopes that it would attract a buyer, someone who would use it for a business or social service that would enhance our community. Everyone agreed the best would be if Mr. Jarvis brought back the "cheap seats." Other ideas included a multi-cultural entrepreneur incubator space with mentoring from CEDO, a community health center satellite, a child care center with space for babies and infants... Come join the BLURT at NPA Mar 15, and if you know Mr. Jarvis, bring him with you!