AGENDA Jan 18, 2011

Facilitator: Jason L’Ecuyler, Ward 7; Timekeeper: Lea Terhune, Ward 4   Ch17 tape of meeting

6:45 Greetings and Sign-In.   
7:00 Welcome people at home, Introductions, Announcements, Agenda, Ground Rules.
7:05 NPA Business – Dec 21, 2010 minutes; Nomination of Carole LaVigne to Steering Committee; Report from Pat Kearney on Miller Center finish work and child care, reading of resolution "Child Care at Miller Center" - discussion begins Open Forum for Residents.
7:10 Open Forum for Residents - Discussion of Resolution, vote, followed by brief statements of neighborhood/city interest or concern. Questions, comments. Please wait for the microphone.
7:45 Discussion with Elected and Appointed Officials about city issues. (Mayor, Councilors, Legislators, Commissioners, Board Members, Steering Committee sub-committee, etc.)  Facilitator will ask all who wish to speak to come forward, and divvy up the available time.

8:25  PROGRAM: Phil LaVigne, Vince Dober - waterfront in Ward 7 is being used as a dumping ground, camping area, graffiti target. There’s a toxic warning zone, a dilapidated dog park, an unsafe water access, trash, dangerous materials like gas cans – Phil and Vince have a plan! Green Up Day, here we come!
8:50 Reflections: Thoughts/ideas that came up during discussions. 

Urban Reserve, naturalization area.
*Encampments: Sec. 22-7.  Camping in parks prohibited. 

    (a)   It shall be unlawful for any person to camp in any public park in the city unless otherwise authorized by this code. Camping may occur at public areas designated as campsites by the parks and recreation department. 

    (b)   The term "to camp" shall include the placing of any bedding, sleeping bag or other material at a site to serve as a sleeping area; the placing of any tent, lean-to, other structure or vehicle at a site to serve as a sleeping or living area; or the use of any public park for sleeping between the hours of 10:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.

(Ord. of 10-2-95)