WHEREAS the Ward 4 and Ward 7 NPAs took testimony from Child Care Resources Center and local child care providers regarding the unmet need for affordable child care for babies and infants in Burlington;
WHEREAS the need for after school and shift schedule child care is unmet;
WHEREAS the need for child care for babies and infants is unmet;
WHEREAS there are many openings in existing child care programs for children ages 3-5 including pre-K;
WHEREAS public funds for senior centers are shared equally by existing senior activity programs;
WHEREAS the existing child care network in the [New] North End includes non-profit centers, public school programs, and residential [home] care facilities;
WHEREAS the city has received public funding for finish work at the Miller Center space available for lease;
WHEREAS the Community Advisory Committee recommended lease of Miller space for a use compatible with the current use as a teen and community recreation center;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Wards 4 and 7 NPA recommend that finish work at the Miller Center lease space commence as soon as possible so the space can be used now, and will be more attractive to prospective tenants;
AND BE IT RESOLVED that all applicants to lease the space be required to fulfill the unmet need for babies and infants at a minimum of 8 openings for this age group;
AND BE IT RESOLVED that all applicants receive equal consideration, equal access to information about the space and requirements of the lease, and full access to and disclosure of space and design planning;
AND BE IT RESOLVED that the city create scholarships for working parents or guardians who cannot meet co-pay requirements for subsidized care to be used with the child care provider of their choice fully respecting the variety of options available.