Sept 21 Assembly -- North End Voters InSpired, w/ Sec of State Candidates Gibbs and Condos

Ch 17 Meeting tape. Features discussion of proposal for YMCA Pre-School / Day Care in Miller Center.

Special Guests, Jason Gibbs and Jim Condos, candidates for Secretary of State.  The topics are (1) what citizens need to enforce Right to Know, Open Meeting, and Public Records laws; (2) low voter turnout, what's been tried elsewhere, what's worked and what hasn't, and what we can do to inspire people to VOTE; and (3) the relationship between voter turnout and open government.

Regular agenda items include update on Action list (resolutions, requests for information, open government recommendations), Reports from Officials, and Open Forum for Residents.

We have a City Council resolution from Councilor Adrian W1 which calls for city funding to fit out the unfinished space in the Miller Center and lease the space to the YMCA for a pre-school / day care center. Councilor Dober has posted a survey on his website -- ON-LINE Survey question,  http://www.dober4councilor.com  (upper left corner, orange box [Survey Question]).  Any additional comments to this question, please send an email to doberv@burlingtontelecom.net

AGENDA: NORTH END NPA, Sep 21, 2010 Video tape at Ch17

Miller Center, 130 Gosse Court
Facilitator: Lea Terhune, Ward 4; Timekeeper: Phil LaVigne, Ward 7

6:45 Greetings and Sign-In Opportunity to meet candidates for Sec. Of State, Jason Gibbs and Jim Condos.   

7:00 Introductions, Announcements, Agenda, Ground Rules.

7:05  NPA Business – Aug 17, 2010 minutes; Reports on Actions Items.

7:10  Voting and Open Government: Jim Condos and Jason Gibbs.

Challenges presented to candidates for Secretary of State –How can we increase voter turnout on election day? 10/10 What can the Secretary of State do to increase Vermont’s “sunshine ranking” (open government)? 10/10 Then 10 min of fast Q's and quick A's!

8:00 Discussion with Elected and Appointed Officials about city issues. (Mayor, Councilors, Legislators, Commissioners, Board Members, NPA Steering Committee sub-committee, etc.)

8:30 Open Forum for Residents - Brief statements of neighborhood/city interest. Questions.

8:50 Reflections: Last minute thoughts/ideas -- things you want to add, now is the time.