Vandals Trash Candidate/Issue Signs on North Ave

As March 2 draws near, the signs of election day brighten up the avenue in these grey days of waning winter -- the red and gold of YES on 5, the blue and white of No on 5, the maroon of Ellis, the blue of Wright, the Green of Decelles, plus a scattering of school budget yes signs. Against the frozen ground and the littered roadside, these splashes of color lift our spirits.

Except for a few. If you drove to work early Tuesday morning, you saw the disrespect, the destruction --  signs torn and battered down, some thrown in the street. Who would do that? Why? People say, "It's kids, they don't have any respect for democracy, they don't know how many have fought and died for this privilege of free elections."

If it's kids, they accurately reflect the apathy and disrespect of their elders. Only 27% of registered voters in Burlington voted in the last election, down 10% from the previous mayoral election! 27% of registered voters participated in choosing our mayor.

We can easily change that. Vote! Remind friends and neighbors to vote! Discuss candidates and issues at home and with friends, organize an Election Day Party or come to Norm's when the polls close at 7 and watch voting returns. The North End Election Day party is non-partisan, or I should say multi-partisan, multi-issue -- like the NPA!