After the vandalism, campaign volunteers salvaged what they could of their signs and then waited for the snowstorm and plows to pass. By Saturday, The Avenue was more festive than ever, rivaling the Mardi Gras downtown. As the parade was forming on Church St, people were clustered by the Bagel Cafe and the beltline, holding their signs high and waving. It's a ritual campaigns are expected to perform, but they can never gauge support from the number of people who wave back, or don't. Nice people wave whether they are going to vote for you, or not. And people who don't wave are usually talking on their cell phones. The snowplow created snowbanks perfect for supporting the signs -- blue, green, red, yellow and white.Tilted signs are being righted, downed signs are being wiped off and securely repositioned. Celebration Tuesday night, 7pm at Norms Grill, with champagne toasts for everyone who participated.

Ward 4, vote at St. Mark's.  
Ward 7, vote at Miller Center.