May 27, 2015 Wednesday
6:45pm – 9:00pm
Miller Center 130 Gosse Court
Jason L’Ecuyer, Facilitator
Thank you, Kesha.


6:45 Meet and Greet Neighbors, Snacks and Beverages

7:00Welcome, Ground Rules, Agenda, Announcements,
Residents Roll, Steering Committee Nomination
Jason L’Ecuyer

7:05 North Avenue Task Force Update
Ward 4 and 7 Task Force Members

7:15 Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee Update
Ward 4 and 7 Committee Members

7:20 City Councilors, School Board Commissioners and City Board Members Q&A
Jason L’Ecuyer

7:50 CCTA in the New North End
Meredith Birkett, Director of Planning and Marketing

8:10 Burlington College Orphanage Building Development
Eric Farrell, Developer

8:30 City Budget FY 2016 and Housing Action Plan
Mayor Miro Weinberger  

9:00 Adjourn 

DRAFT MINUTES, submitted by Kesha Ram,CEDO

Jason L'Ecuyer called the meeting to order at 7:02 pm.
Barry Trutor nominated Martha Molpus to join the steering committee, and Rich Nadworny seconded the nomination. Martha was elected unanimously.
RJ Lalumiere, Jason L'Ecuyer, Jay Kearney, and Rich Nadworny gave an update on the North Avenue Task Force. Much of the discussion was about changes to entering and exiting Route 127 to increase safety.
Liam Griffin provided an update from the Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee.
Councilors Tom Ayres and Kurt Wright gave an update on City Council business. School Commissioners Anne Judson and Mark Barlow also spoke to District initiatives, including efforts to get the new Superintendent visa authorization.
CCTA, represented by Meredith Birkett, gave a powerpoint presentation on current CCTA service in the New North End and the process for changing it.
Eric Farrell displayed a sketch plan and provided an update on the development of the Burlington College Orphanage building.
During speak out, announcements were made about Blue, a program through DPW to reduce stormwater runoff, and the Farrington Mobile Home Park residents placing an offer to purchase as a cooperative from the current owners.

Mayor Miro Weinberger discussed highlights of the FY16 City Budget and shared his thoughts on the City Housing Action Plan.
The meeting was adjourned at 9:14pm. 9:14.