Jan 22 -- Discussion of Ballot Questions led by Councilors. Open Mic for Residents.

The focus of this meeting is Ballot items to be voted on in the upcoming election. Our North End City Councilors have been asked to explain each item, and report on the pros and cons that were discussed by Council. We will rely on residents in attendance to share their opinions, information, advocacy and concerns.

Burlington uses a short form of questions for the ballot, so voters need to be informed when they go to the polls. For example, the redistricting map and the related charter changes -- ward and district boundaries, number of councilors, terms of office -- will be generally described on the ballot. The full text of the redistricting plan charter changes will be available at NPA meetings, and will be posted on a bulletin board in the polling place.


6:45pm Sign in, Greet neighbors and city officials.

7:00  Welcome.  Agenda.  Ground Rules.  Introductions and Announcements.

7:10  Speak Out on any subject not on the agenda.

7:20  Ballot questions:

1. SCHOOL BUDGET – School board members  (30 min)
2. WATERFRONT PUBLIC INVESTMENT ACTION PLAN -  $7.3 Million TIF funds - Dave Hartnett : (a) Sailing Center. (b) Echo Center "Sustainable Park. (c) New Moran. (d) New Marina w/ slips and mourning, between Moran and new Sailing Center. (e) Aquatic Center.  (f) Cherry Street improvements to better link Church St down to waterfront. (g) Urban reserve North of new Sailing Center. (h) Waterfront Park with electric, Water and Sewer service for events. (I) Another marina development at Perkins Pier. (30 min)
3. B.E.D. Winooski ONE purchase - Dave Hartnett  10 min
4. FIREARMS - Domestic violence – Dave Hartnett 10 min
5. FIREARMS - Child safe storage – Dave Hartnett 10 min
6. FIREARMS - Restriction from bars etc. - Tom Ayres 10 min
7. REDISTRICTING - Tom Ayres 20 min

8:50 Wrap up
9:00 Adjourn