• Break-ins during the day, and when someone is home. 
  • Graffiti. Property owner wants investigation, not cover-up.
  • Animal control issues. Interface between BPD and VT Fish/Wildlife.
What is the emphasis on community policing in the NorthEnd, out the Avenue? 
What is working well, and what isn't? 
What are the issues that concern residents the most here?
Come talk things over with members of your police and fire departments.


Community Policing Initiatives, from city website:

Community Policing is a philosophy that combines the elements of partnerships, problem-solving and organizational change. Since 1999, we have worked with community members to better understand the needs of the neighborhoods. After we reach consensus, we work to set a policing agenda that is lawful, appropriate and without bias.
Our goals are to partner with stakeholders from the community and the service sectors to carry out the problem-solving to which we have all agreed. That may look different for the various parts of the city. For example, in the downtown area we emphasize compliance with liquor control laws and ordinances to maintain a high quality of life. In the hill section, we work with residents on noise and quality of life issues. Throughout the city we are working to reduce drug activity and to keep roads and highways safe.

We will want to discuss the emphasis in 05408. Residents are the stakeholders.

If you aren't already signed up for NIXEL Alerts, go to https://local.nixle.com/burlington-vt-police-department/

Fire Safety:

Protecting lives and property in one of America's most liveable cities, the Burlington Fire Department provides fire protection, emergency medical services, technical rescue services, fire prevention, and public education programs.

NOTE: A controlled burn is scheduled for early November to remove a house near to the bikepath on Appletree Point Lane. Staniford and Appletree Roads, and the bike path (rec trail), will be closed to the public during the burn. In the month prior to the burn, the Fire Dept will be constructing training exercises on the property.