Solar fields are popping up all over Vermont. They have a permit fast rack because they do not need Act 250 review. (What's up with that? What about wetlands and wildlife corridors?)

Currently there is a small solar installation at Rock Point School. Free Press reported today that an industrial sized  installation is planned for Franklin -- see details here -- a 2.4 megawatt project on 12 acres in Sheldon Springs. The Flynn Estate property, bounded by Curtis Ave, Starr Farm and Sunset Cliffs Road, and Strathmore on Appletree Point, is a 40 acre site. Approximately 63% (25 acres) is being considered for the solar array. The rest of the land will be set aside for passive recreation, walking/riding trails and educational displays. Frank VonTurkovich has been a regular at NPA, where the proposal for solar use of the land was proposed as an alternative to the kinds of large housing projects that have been denied permits because of wetland impacts and traffic congestion around Flynn School. The property is leased land, income dedicated by John Flynn Estate to the support of the Fletcher Allen Health Center.

A 12-acre, 2.4MW solar development in Sheldon Springs will resemble this one, located in Sabaudia, Italy, says Greenwood Biosar CEO Kristina Peterson, who is familiar with the design of both plants. / Courtesy Greenwood Biosa