Oct 24 Candidates and Ballot Questions

 Wards 4 and 7 Neighborhood Planning Assemblies

October 24, 2012. Miller Center, 130 Gosse Court
Candidates’ Night Agenda 


6:45-7:00PM - Welcome and Announcements
7:00-7:15 Mayor Weinberger- Ballot Items plus questions and answers

Meeting Format: Candidates will be grouped by office. Each candidate will have two (2) minutes for an opening statement and then there will be ten (10) minutes for questions from the audience to individual candidates or for all candidates in the group.

In the interest of time and allowing an opportunity for more people to ask questions, the audience is encouraged to make questions brief and concise, and candidates in their responses are encourage to do the same.

Office Candidates
7:17-7:29   US Senate John McGovern
7:30-7:42   US House of Representatives Mark Donka
7:45-8:05   Vermont House: Bill Aswad, Joanna Cole, Jean O’Sullivan, Kurt Wright
8:07-8:20   Vermont Treasurer Wendy Wilton
8:23-8:37   Vermont Attorney General Jack McMullen, Ed Stanak
8:40-9:10   Vermont Senate: Tim Ashe, Philip Baruth, Sally Fox, Debbie Ingram, Richard “Terry” Jeroloman, Bob Kiss, Virginia “Ginny” Lyons, Diane Snelling, David Zuckerman