Smart to Opt Out? and City seeks feedback on Downtown/Waterfront Plan

NPA Wed. July 25, 6:45 pm Miller Center. Also reports from elected/ appointed officials, discussion of local issues, and Open Forum.

July 25 program includes: 

 ~ Citizen presentation about why and how to opt-out of radio-wave broadcast meters being installed on homes and businesses by the Burlington Electric Department. Discuss issues of health, privacy, and state law regarding notice, permission, and right to opt out. The legislature passed S214, Customer Rights, Eliminates Opt-Out Fee to protect consumers' right to opt out at no cost.  Subject: Utilities; smart meters; customer rights. Statement of purpose: This bill requires the public service board to establish terms and conditions governing the installation of wireless smart meters. The terms and conditions shall require an electric company to obtain a customer’s written consent before installing a wireless smart meter on his or her property. The terms and conditions also shall require an electric company to remove, at no cost to the customer, an already installed wireless smart meter, if so requested by a customer.

 ~ City Planning Dept staff presentation of results of Plan BTV survey of public opinion regarding Downtown and Waterfront Development. They are seeking public comment.

Note: Residents of neighborhoods in Ward 4 and Ward 7 meet together, so wherever you live in the Far North End, you are welcome and encouraged to participate in the Neighborhood Planning Assembly.