PENNY FOR PARKS invested in Moran project skatepark, BUT the neighborhood parks need maintenance

Penny for Parks Good Investment?

Pedestrian gateway to Leddy Park.
Dark, poison ivy, area avoided by residents.
Woman scared to go inside with her dog.
If performance is measured by the improvements that have been made and the amenities that have been added to our existing park facilities in FY10 and FY11 with the Penny for Parks tax dollars it is not close to meeting public expectations. The numbers speak for themselves.
Taxpayers funded $670,000 worth of repairs and improvements in FY10/11 but the numbers for the completed projects only total $257,713.32. This means that in FY10/11 Penny for Parks only used 38% of the funding afforded by this dedicated tax . These numbers are based on the fact that there is a FY11 carryover of $ 412,286.68 in the FY12 (the 3rd year of Penny for Parks) projected budget of $773,286.68.
There are more maintenance projects than funding can support so why isn't PFP using 100% of the funding the tax provides? PFP needs to stop spinning it's wheels, get a mission statement and effective process in place that gets things done on a schedule that can keep pace with the annual funding that is being provided by the Penny for Parks dedicated tax. The results since inception (FY10/11) are disappointing at best.
Tim Jarvis