Note: BED Special Election Request for voter approval of Revenue Bond 
May 17, North End NPA, Miller Ctr 6:45pm.

Sponsored by All-Wards NPAs
Contois Auditorium, June 1, 7-9pm 

BRIEFING ON BUDGET OFFSETS: Handouts include (1) the list specific cuts to expenses, opportunities for increased productivity/income, and anticipated impacts on city services,  proposed by Mayor and Departments, reviewed by Finance Board;  (2) Status report on implementation of recommendations from the Mayor's Budget Task Force; (3) City's Annual Report 2010, descriptions of the responsibilities of each dept, list of employees in each dept, and the Annual Audit; (4) principles that guide the Mayor in creating a budget..

RESOURCE GROUPS: Mayor's Budget Task Force and Department Heads from DPW, Parks, HR, Library, Code, Clerk/Treasurer, Planning, City Attorney, Police, Fire, City Arts, and Chairs of Cemetery Commission and Board for Registration of Voters.
PUBLIC FORUM: Opportunity for public to address questions to Finance Board members or Resource Groups..


7:00     Welcome, Goals of Summit -- Moderator Kevin P. Scully

7:10     Overview of Municipal Budget Process - Mayor Bob Kiss

7:15     Summary of Recommendations, Mayor's Budget Task Force - Mayor Bob Kiss

7:20    Budget Offsets Overview - each dept head will briefly describe the responsibilities of their dept, the offsets they are responsible for, and impacts of offsets on city services.

7:45     OPEN MIC -  Moderator, Timer

8:55     Wrap Up, Mayor Bob Kiss

*General NPA ground rules - http://bit.ly/dw8XKA 
 **Specific ground rules for this event
  • Everyone has an opportunity to speak once before anyone speaks twice 
  • 1 min questions addressed to a specific resource person who will have 2 min to answer.   Suggest people bring questions, written in short form.  
  • Time lights will be used and everyone must agree to respect the time limits so we can hear from as many people as possible. 

Burlington Budget Summit, sponsored by City-wide NPAs. Review of Mayor's budget offsets to close a $765,000 general fund budget gap for Fiscal Year 2012 which begins July 1, 2011. Summit emphasis will be on how offsets will impact city services. Open Mic for questions. Finance Board will be at council table, flanked by resource groups: Mayor's Budget Task Force, and Department Heads. Residents, businesses, and city employees/contractors must work together to live with a contracted general fund budget. NPAs will collaborate on questions. Attend NPA meetings in May to prepare. Resources: Mayor's Budget Task Force '09 recommendations and status report: http://bit.ly/lhd3Cs . Current status update, 2011, will be available at Summit.

The 72 cents municipal tax rate breaks as follows:
-       23.29 cents - general City 
-       17.68 cents - Retirement 
-       8.07  cents - Police & Fire 
-       6.17  cents - Streets
-       4.69  cents - Debt Service 
-       3.50  cents - Parks 
-       3.36  cents - CCTA 
-       3.12  cents - Highway 
-       0.54  cents - County 
-       0.54  cents - Open Space 
-       0.54  cents - Housing Trust 
-       0.50  cents - Library