Dec 21, Open discussion of PSB BT Audit, Gen'l Fund Financial Report, underfunded Pension system, and proposed tax increases.

City Council voted not to address the BT Audit, the report on the Gen'l Fund, or the tax increase proposed by the Administration. All these issues will be open for discussion with our City Councilors at the NPA meeting on Dec 21, starting at 6:45, Miller Center. [Doc links below.]

We will also look at the Council consent agenda item "General Fund Financial Report and Budget Projections for FY 2012" and recommendation from CAO for 4% tax increase. [Doc link below.]

The NPA discussion about the BT debacle is not about blame -- there's more than enough of that to go around -- it's about having an open airing and frank discussion about what happened, the current state of the city's finances, and where we go from here.

Come with your thinking cap on! Come with your questions. Come with advice for our Councilors.

Documents on line:

Public Service Board Audit of Burlington Telecom -http://www.burlingtonfreepress.com/pdf/20101210BurlingtonTelecomAudit.pdf

Public Service Board Hearing on Burlington Telecom - http://bit.ly/epp5Mn

Increase in expenses for FY 2012 budget which will require a corresponding increase in revenues [tax increase] - http://www.ci.burlington.vt.us/docs/2944.pdf

General Fund Summary, Revenue, and Expenses - http://www.ci.burlington.vt.us/docs/2950.pdf

Free Press on-line has a list of recent articles if you need to get up to speed on the issues,

Review of city pension fund, Seven Days - http://bit.ly/gY6Stz