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The Neighborhood Planning Assembly (NPA) from Wards 4 and 7 hosted a community meeting for residents at the Miller Center, Oct 13, @6:45pm, to learn more about the issues, and have a chance to ask more questions about the resolution: YMCA PRESCHOOL PROGRAM in MILLER CENTER.  Copy of resolution was available at the meeting. Tour of unfinished space at 6:45pm.

Key points of the resolution are: $40-45,000 requested to accommodate the YMCA fit-out specifications; Finance Board and Ward 4/7 NPAs will consider the request; the NPA will gather community input; Parks Director will secure a long term lease with the YMCA (presumably if the Finance Board recommends, and the Mayor agrees, to put $45K in the city budget for this purpose).

The purpose of the community meeting is to review: (1) current evidence (data) of need in the North End that this resolution addresses, (2) current uses of Miller Center and community priorities for use; and (3) center costs, revenues, and (4) tenant financing options. 

Parents, child care providers, taxpayers, and people with interest, and people with experience, and subject matter expertise who have information to share about child care need/resources, use of Miller Center, and market/finances are encouraged to attend.  Email: 4and7npa@gmail.com

Agenda, Community Meeting
“YMCA Child Care at Miller” Resolution
October 13, 2010 Miller Center, 130 Gosse Court

6:45: Sign-in and a tour of the space, hand out the resolution

7:00: View a 23 min segment of the Sept 13 City Council meeting when resolution was first presented to councilors, and approved

7:30 (1) solid data about child care in the North End, need and existing resources, Sandra Gazo [Elizabeth Meyer, Ellen Drolette, Alan Sousie, Beth Sanders]

7:45 (2) solid financial data regarding status of finish of northeast corner space, Miller Center revenue/expenses to date, additional income needed to sustain the Center, and alternative ways of getting it [Dave Hartnett, Gary Rogers]

8:00 (3) Armory Community Advisory Committee, review of priorities and success to date in meeting those priorities, including marketing history of unfinished tenant space [Linda Deliduka, Helen Hossley]

Open Forum
8:15 (4) comments from residents about how they want Finance Board and City Council to proceed [moderated by Councilor Vince Dober, scribed by Councilors Decelles and Wright.].

9:15 Resolution: Y Child Care at Miller Ctr
   VOTE - Choose one:
   1.YES, as proposed  ___
    2. Yes, if ___ -->
    3. NO __
    4. No. Better idea:  ___-->

Results of poll: to be reported Oct 19 NPA.
Formal vote of Ward 4 and Ward 7, Oct 19 NPA.