Thanks to all who brought information about child care needs in the [New] North End to a special NPA meeting on Oct 13, and also to those who came to vote at the regular third Tuesday NPA on Oct 19. All the NPS meetings are available for viewing on-line at the Ch. 17 web site.

FORUM: http://www.cctv.org/watch-tv/programs/burlington-wards-4-7-npa-meeting-10

Resolution: Resolution re YMCA Preschool Program in Miller Center *** AMENDED *** 

Regarding current child care needs: We learned that working parents need baby and toddler care, and that there are currently several openings in the [New] North End for children of all ages in a variety of settings.  Child Care Resource (802) 863-3367 is the place to call if you need help finding the right care setting for a child. 

Regarding request for $40K for YMCA Child Care Program: We learned that money for senior centers is divided up equally among existing centers, and that the child care network in the North End consists of centers, public school, and home care -- all directed by dedicated people who would welcome taxpayer support to upgrade their facilities, equipment and for staff training. 

Regarding need for investment in existing network of providers: We learned of untapped potential of center space and grounds at North Avenue Alliance Church, and of Frog&Toad's interest in moving closer to North End clients they serve (0-6 yrs) now.  We met wonderful people who provide home day care in many neighborhoods. We learned that the need for affordable child care is acute. We learned that support for the Y Child Care program is strong citywide, and we also heard about the need to protect the existing child care network and share public funds equally among all child care providers. 

Regarding $32-39.6K funding for finishing space in Miller Ctr: We heard that residents want the city to proceed with the basic finish work in the Miller Center space now -- and we asked why $39.6K has been unclaimed when the community could be using the space and the grant money could provide stimulus to the local job market!