SEA GULLS ON ROOFTOPS -- Ita investigates

Sandy Gazo and I went to check the report about sea gulls on rooftops at Lori Lane. We talked with several people out in their yards who said there have always been sea gulls in the area. Sandy remembered that they used to serve popcorn at baseball games, and spread leftovers on the field for the gulls! until her mother complained and got that practice stopped. But the longitude and latitude must have stayed in the birds' genetic memory banks, and it would have gone back even further, to the farms in the area! This area has a history of attracting sea gulls.

I talked with Gary Cuedek, who spoke at our meeting. Phil Fortin and Gordy Ries spoke last month. Gary is working with Ita Meno in Code Enforcement to resolve the issue if possible, and she will be issuing a report soon. He was very impressed with her responsiveness and professionalism. [Update: report cites health code violations, and Board of Health urges residents, city and farm to work together and find a solution. all parties are invited to the June 18 NPA meeting.]

Gary and his neighbor put points and fishing line along their roof peaks, which solved the problem for them but pushed the problem further along. The neighbor they are concerned about lives on Gazo Avenue, in a two story house, which is apparently preferred by sea gulls now.
The birds get tired circling, waiting for the pigs to be fed. They rest on roof tops, and poop.

Burlington seeks gull solution