~Steering Committee, Nov 1. ~NPA meeting, Nov 15.

The Steering Committee will meet Nov 1 @ 7 pm, 22 Appletree Point Lane. Call 658-1908 for directions. At this time, we will be making up agenda for the Nov. meeting. Any member of the NPA (residents registered to vote in wards 4 or 7) can request an agenda item. Just call, or come to the steering committee meeting. Please include the amount of time you need. We have to make room for everyone, so the amount of time available will depend of how many requests we have. If there are many requests for the same issue, we may want to have a special NPA meeting.

The next NPA meeting will be the THIRD THURSDAY of the month, Nov 15, at the Heineberg Center, 14 Heineberg Rd @ 7pm. Park in the lot, or along the street.

AGENDA: Nov. 15, '07

Heineberg Senior and Community Center, 14 Heineberg Rd., 6:45 pm.

·6:45 Welcome, Sign-in

·7:00 Review Guidelines and Agenda.

Approve minutes of Oct. Mtg.

·7:05 Open Resident Forum and

Reports from Elected Officials and Appointees

·7:25 Election to Steering Committee

·7:30 Zoning Rewrite – Impact on Wards 4/7 Q&A

·7:45 Moran Plant Proposal, CEDO, Q&A

·8:05 BED bond issue, John Irving. Q&A

·8:25 Ramp Closing, Beltline, Steve Goodkind, Public Works

·8:35 Announcements, Reflections

*Mtg. will be taped by Ch17 volunteers.