Minutes, May 16, 2007

Co-sponsored by NNE W4/7 NPA and Heineberg Community Center

Thursday, Aug. 2, 7:PM

L. C. Hunt Library

May 16, 2007

The meeting was opened at 7:05 p.m. and moderated by Joanna Cole, Steering Committee Chair.

There were 30 listed in attendance with 17 residents of Wards 4 & 7 - including 6 Steering Committee members, 2 School Board members (one also a Presenter), 1 State Representative and one Representative and City Council member, 3 other City Council members, 3 Presenters, 1 CEDO representative, and 3 non-resident Presenters, 1 City Councilor and 8 Guests.

Welcome, Introductions, Announcements and Agenda Review

Those present were welcomed by Moderator, Joanna Cole, and Guidelines and Agenda were noted.

Program to get rid of Toxic Lead Dust – Erin Reynolds, CEDO

Erin reviewed the goals of this program and distributed a handout. They hope to identify priority areas to make site visits of about one hour. CEDO is also reapplying for their Lead grant.

Reports from Elected Officials

Ø Kurt Wright noted State House has adjourned and cited a compromise on the Education Bill, the Telecommunications Bill, the Sex Offender Registry. City Council – is in Budget Process, Zoning Rewrite, Retirement Task Force.

Ø Mark Larson cited some of the conditions in the Education Bill, budget items, $14,000, 000 out of the $29,000,000 extra revenue is considered “new money,” the lower property tax, the Transportation budget, School construction funds owed, Efficiency VT and Energy.

Ø Russ Ellis – City Council -noted Zoning Rewrite, Moran Plant, Goss St. Armory

Ø Paul Decelles – City Council – reminded group of the Heineberg Center cleanup Saturday, May 19.

Ø Thomas Fleury was congratulated on being elected School Board Chair.

Zoning Rewrite presentation, Q & A – Andy Montroll

Councilor Montroll reviewed the process from its inception in 2001, the Planning Commission’s role, the consultants, the role of the Ordinance Committee, the May 14, 2007 vote of the Council on the first reading.

The Q & A portion that followed included question re: Elderly Housing.

Russ Ellis, Ordinance Committee member, noted that people want to feel secure in their neighborhoods and for them to remain much the same. Also noted was that Burlington is complicated re: land use issues.

Mark Larson welcomed the guests from “far away”.

NPA Business

Nominations for 2007-2008 Steering Committee Members

Ward 4 – Mary Chaffee and Ron McGarvy

Being no nominations from the floor, Kurt Wright made a Motion to elect Ms. Chaffee and Mr. McGarvey to the Steering committee.

Motion seconded by Ralph Montefusco. Motion carried.

Ward 7 – Jim Thomas and Alan Sousie

Being no nominations from the floor, Linda Deliduka made a Motion to elect Mr.Thomas and Mr. Sousie to the Steering Committee.

Motion seconded by Paul DeCelles. Motion carried.

Spring NPA Walk – Sunday, June 17, 2 – 4 p.m.; meet at Hunt School – Peggy Ellis-Green

School Equity Proposals – Board Chair, Thomas Fleury & Superintendent, Jeanne Collins

Mr. Fleury introduced the topic and the Superintendent. He noted that the item is a “work in progress” and that the Board plans a retreat in July to work on the “how”.

Superintendent Collins distributed a handout delineating the proposals and reviewed them.

Hearings are scheduled for:

May 22 at Champlain School

May 29 at Flynn School

May 31 at Edmunds Elementary School

June 4 at H.O.Wheeler School

Information is available on the District Website.

Q & A included inquiry re: magnet school, research cited, the decision making process, transportation, funding.

It was noted that there is to be a Board Retreat June 6.

Mayor’s Redevelopment Proposal for Moran Plant – Kirsten Merriman Shapiro

Ms. Merriman Shapiro distributed and reviewed.2 handouts. She noted that the Mayor plans to try for a March vote.

Mr. Loyal Ploof rose to recommend the plant be torn down.

Mayor’s Budget Committee Report – Larry Walters & Alan Sousie

The Task Force was described as not very productive – no consensus. Cited were a city debt to the state for a loan of $14,000,000 and cemetery expenses.

Speak Out & Close by 9:00

Ralph Montefusco commented on the Living Wage issue.

Linda Deliduka noted help needed on Friday, May 18 at noon at the Heineberg Center.

The meeting adjourned by consensus at 8:57 p.m.

Notes by M.A.Blaisdell